Citizens hold umbrellas for sentinels on duty in the rain in front of Tiananmen Gate

 Citizens hold umbrellas for sentinels on duty in the rain in front of Tiananmen Gate

Many citizens waited in the rain for the flag raising ceremony to begin,

The Sentinels on the scene were also on duty in the rain,

Many citizens took the initiative to hold umbrellas for them.

Some netizens said that it rained heavily at that time

The changing sentry in his raincoat hasnt come yet

On site screen display,

Some citizens are caught in the rain

I also need to hold an umbrella for my brother.

Brother Bing also said to the public:

Take the umbrella away. Thank you.,

But the citizens insisted on keeping their umbrellas.

In order to prevent citizens from holding umbrellas,

Step back, go!

Step back, go!

These 5 words command sound, make netizen listen to cry

The nation has hope,

The country has power!

This is China!

Full video! The five-star red flag is rising slowly! Tens of thousands of people cheered at the flag raising ceremony in Tiananmen on national day

before dawn

From all directions

Lets celebrate together

Peoples Republic of China 71st birthday!

Tiananmen tower

The military band played majestic music

Festive scene

There was a sudden silence

Facing the first ray of sunshine in the morning

Colorful five star red flag

Rising with the sun

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Peace dove flies over the national flag

Flying over Tiananmen Square

The scene rang out

Bursts of warm cheers

Long live the motherland! Long live China

Five star red flag

You are my pride!

Bless the motherland!

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