Recitation: heart on the road, road in the heart

 Recitation: heart on the road, road in the heart

People in this life, always on the edge of life, walking and understanding, always in the long life, while walking and releasing; pushed forward by time, pushed forward by years, in the lonely journey of life, strive to move forward steadily, regardless of the way, do not look for the return date, only hope to find a good friend, only hope to finally usher in spring flowers, and find a good life.

Ones life, the heart is often on the road, and the road of life is often in the heart. What is often decorated in your heart, you will meet with what you meet, what the world in your heart looks like, what you often see is what it looks like, what you are devout on weekdays, what you will harvest. The appearance of your heart is what you are now.

Everyone will have a heart. When you put down kindness, you will get blessing. When you put down sincerity, you will gain trust from others. When you put down sincerity, you will get full of true feelings. When you install gratitude plan, the road will be wider and wider. When you install contentment, you will get relaxed happiness.

Sometimes, our heart, big enough to accommodate all things, and sometimes, it is too small to accept, a cheat betrayal of relatives and friends. Sometimes, our heart, wide enough to ignore the big right and wrong, but sometimes it is too narrow to tolerate, the people around us once use calculation.

The situation is born from the heart, the road is in the heart, the road is at the foot, in a hurry for a lifetime, finally, whether it is to win the crown, the brilliant and wonderful or the vicissitudes of life, will end with the passing of time. I wish you at this time, a little wider heart, not to think about the world too much trouble, heart bigger, do not care about the world too much right and wrong, good heart, for their own accumulation of blessing.