Circle of people Tucao PPP project evaluation: do not make complaints about leaving

 Circle of people Tucao PPP project evaluation: do not make complaints about leaving

At this time, Li Di also grew rapidly with the popularity of PPP business, from an apprentice to a project manager, senior project manager, regional director and senior regional director. Income is also rising slowly. In just three years, buying a house and a car has become an enviable object among the students and become the so-called elite among other people, enjoying the dividends brought by PPP.

All of the good things in the 92 document after the ground broken. Document No. 92, that is, the Ministry of Finance issued the notice on standardizing the management of project database of PPP comprehensive information platform (CBJ [2017] No. 92). This paper aims to further standardize the operation of PPP projects, promote PPP to return to the source of innovative public service supply mechanism, and promote the sustainable development of PPP.

At that time, the market thought that the article would regulate PPP, and let the rapid development of PPP market enter into several years of low-speed growth.

In Li Dis opinion, the era of P for everything has passed, and various rules, regulations, and red lines have emerged in endlessly. The era of PPP great leap forward has ended, and it has fallen directly from the growth period to the recession period. For the company, from star business to thin dog business.. There are fewer PPP services, lower contract amount, loss of customers, job hopping of colleagues, and worries that havent appeared for a long time are also written on the bosss face.

Since 2018, a number of provinces have carried out warehousing review. Li Di believes that this is the moment when the nightmare begins.

JS province has only one review in three months. The regional head cried directly, and then transformed to be a special debt, franchise and government (platform company) consultant. The current situation is barely alive. The companys senior management has tried to merge or withdraw this area directly several times.

In a province in Central China, several projects were submitted to the database, and all of them received a call from the evaluation experts, and they asked for the cost directly before they were released. The regional director of the company once participated in a warehousing audit, there are too many slots and there is no discipline.

A western province is one of the few bright spots. After the experts review, they will give feedback directly and give time to revise and re submit for review. It is not difficult to put into storage, and there is no feedback from the project manager about the claim for benefits.

The evaluation experts of a province in Central China are relatively fixed. The regional manager said that he could guess who would go by blind guess every month. Only the Department of Finance and the evaluation experts can grasp the key points of the initial warehousing review, which will not be released to the public. After the project is shot, even if the feedback is modified and improved, it may be shot by other experts next month. All depends on luck. It has not been heard of asking for the benefit fee, but it is particularly serious that the experts will contact the implementing agency after shooting the project and say that they will not be allowed to do so.

Experts from another central province adopt the mixed mode of own province + other provinces. Other provinces generally look for well-known professionals to check. However, the confidentiality of audit is insufficient. Comments have been made here, and they have been quietly fed back to some consulting agencies with good relations. Before the conclusion of the audit is finished, the revised version of the consulting agency over there has been reported. It is required to review again to pass.

Li Di make complaints about it and told reporters that from the personal experience, feedback from other regional directors and the Tucao of the industry colleagues, we all have some common doubts and worries: what exactly is the storage? Is warehousing review a necessary procedure, to improve the quality of project warehousing or a power tool for some people?

What exactly is warehousing?

The library refers to the PPP project library. The Ministry of finance has a project library, and the national development and Reform Commission also has a PPP project library. Warehousing means that the project is selected into the project library.

A PPP market person said that project warehousing is one of the necessary conditions for obtaining financing from financial institutions. The Treasury of finance is first examined by the provincial finance department, and then by the PPP center of the Ministry of finance.

The procedures are very long, and it usually takes two months as soon as all relevant parties complete the project audit. Sometimes I have to go back and revise it. A few months have passed. The above PPP market people told reporters.

Li Di felt that at the beginning, many documents of the Ministry of Finance mentioned that government subsidies could not be included in the budget if they were not put into the Treasury. Both social capital and financial institutions had to see the project in the management library before they could continue to operate. Even at that time, some provinces issued documents and could not purchase without entering the warehouse. But the Ministry of Finance followed up with a dynamic management, can enter and can go out.

In this way, the project warehousing is no longer a safety cushion. It is not once the project enters the management, it is like a sea, and then the budget is very safe. . This is a little confused. Since warehousing is not a security guarantee, as long as the scheme does not touch the red line, the rest is the logic of business, willing to fight and suffer. Li Di questioned that the competent authorities still have the obligation and responsibility to help others to reduce the risk of commercial disputes that may occur in a few or more years? In Li Dis opinion, managing the budget and expenditure is the most important thing.

The reason for Li Di to leave the consulting agency and enter the social capital is because of the evaluation of warehousing and the competition among the same industry.

Li Di said that now there are worries about the warehousing review. In some places, the warehousing review has become an excellent opportunity for some experts and institutions to seek rent and crack down on peers. Because of the difficulty of warehousing and the complexity of the process, the new PPP information system entry is more cumbersome. At present, the implementing agency requires the consulting agency to ensure that the project is put into storage. The consulting fee is paid by the warehousing node. If the project is not put into the warehouse, the preliminary procurement agency fee and expert fee will be paid by themselves.

Li Di found that some organizations united to use warehousing review as a means to crack down on dissidents. They combined into an interest alliance to support each others projects into the warehouse. They destroyed the projects of other organizations. They cleaned up the mountains and rivers and reorganized the rivers and lakes. Thus, they dared to clap my chest and say that I could promise to enter the warehouse. Without me, this project could not enter. For the same projects, these institutions can be put into storage, while other institutions are just packing and unreasonable. There are commercial contents in them, which are not suitable for PPP mode. Some experts have moved the crooked heart. This month, I will block you, and then you will give me the fee, and then pass.

At that time, several projects of Li Di were rejected for several months. In these months, the local government just put the same project into storage. Other teams got their plans through channels, and even directly copied this template. In addition to adjusting the implementation organization and investment content, the rest of the project was not bad.

Both the implementation organization and the senior management of the company are very angry with our team, especially me. So there is the beginning scene. I cant play any more. So Im going to leave. The project cant be put into storage. The consulting fee is not available. I have no face to see him again, Li Di said.

When Li Di joined the central enterprise, he needed to meet with Party A, experts and some organizations of the implementing organization as Party B. at that time, the implementing agency would ask him to recommend the consulting agency and pay for the fee. He would take the template that could not be put into the warehouse before, and let those alliance organizations clap their chest and promise to pass the warehouse 100% at one time u3002

It must have been a very interesting scene. A party B, with the blessing of Party As Uncle, has become the second boss of Party C (consulting agency). It gives directions to the group of people who once competed behind the scenes. Because of the face of the consultation fee, they will bow down and smile at each other. It must be very interesting. Li Di smiles and says: PPP, goodbye in the river and lake, PPP consultation, goodbye in the river and lake, is about to meet again, not never again!