What changes have taken place in the life of the girl who was split up because of her fat and lost 30 jin?

 What changes have taken place in the life of the girl who was split up because of her fat and lost 30 jin?

However, I suddenly remembered that eight months ago, he stood under the street lamp in the cold night and said to me with tears in his eyes, I am a very single-minded person. I cant give up the habit of taking a nap when I was a child. When I was ten years old, I liked science magazines and had been reading them for ten years. When I was 15 years old, I fell in love with the guitar until now. I believe that I will love someone for a long time u2026u2026u201d I closed my eyes and accepted his kiss, thinking, hey, he will always love me, love to the end of time, love until the sea is dry and the rocks are rotten. Even if I eat eight chicken wings continuously, he will love me.

But the next day, when I was still lying in the bed in my bedroom, lazily digesting all the food in my stomach, I received such a short message. It contained a lot of content, involving all my unrepentant efforts and kindness in the past eight months, but at the end of the day, it turned into a break-up. I called in a hurry, sent threatening text messages, threatening to say that I was going to hang myself, but when I was squatting in the corridor of my bedroom building, I cried heartrendingly, I cant live without you. What do you want me to do in the future? At the other end of the phone, he just sighed, dont make trouble. If you dont love, you dont love.

Later, he packed all the things I gave him and gave them to me solemnly in front of the dormitory building. My fingers touched the back of his hand and hesitated to ask for a hug, but he quickly turned away in disgust. It was under the same streetlights as eight months ago. When he left, he was like a little whore dancing with his feet. He laughed at me severely.

It seems that after a century, I have not come out of the bad mood of lovelorn. Suddenly someone said he had a new girlfriend, so I couldnt wait to see the goblins microblog.

Every meal after that, I had a lot to eat. When I went to eat chicken chop salad in the canteen, I yelled squeeze more salad dressing with my boss, while thinking about his new girlfriends small legs; I went to the cheap hot pot shop on the degenerate street, and saw his new girlfriends little waist from a bowl of tea sauce with Scallion; I went to eat sushi and accidentally dropped the last sushi on the ground, and all the loose rice was him When I went to the seaside restaurant to eat spicy fried snails, I couldnt help but drop my tears, because I suddenly saw that girls lovely navel in those tiny and pitiful snails.

What was I like then? Im 1.58, 135 kg. I have a ratio of 5.5 to 5.5, and my figure is even worse than my appearance. But then there is no way, eating occupies an irreplaceable position in my life, I am in that smell will be fat in the smell of oil smoke spent the best youth. Five yuan for a lunch box of fried noodles with bean sprouts at the school gate, coconut butterfly crispy bought in the queue at the five kilometer station, fried chicken fillets with 3 yuan and 51 yuan in the night market, bright pot meat and spicy crayfish in small restaurants, and the obesity gene from my parents who are unbeaten

At first, I hid my fat very well. Then I saw it like a pregnant woman in June. I couldnt hide it any more. When I went to take art photos, the photographer was embarrassed because he couldnt find a suit for me and said, it doesnt look so fat. How can you hide meat so much? There was also a girl with a bad heart who deliberately raised her voice when I finished my second full share of bacon pancakes, my God, you eat so much, no wonder youre getting fat! Later, even downstairs to take out a garbage, the neighbor aunt had to say meaningfully, XXX, you are so young, why are you all orange peel behind your thighs? Lose weight quickly. Dont let your mother worry.

So I was very angry, in order to prove the self-esteem of a fat girl, and a boy who liked me for a long time fell in love, but soon lost love. That was a very kind boy. When he left, he gave me a hug and said sincerely to me, whats wrong with being nice to yourself and being fat? Dont torture yourself so much. You should take care of yourself when you are alone. He looked so worried, and when he left, he went back and told me, you take care of yourself.. At that moment, I felt that if I caught up with him and hugged him from behind, he would turn around and say, youre OK, well never separate again..

But I didnt, strong self-esteem let me stand straight in the same place. I dont believe he left me because he was fat, though he was as thin as a bamboo pole and didnt match me at all. I think hes probably tired of my hungry and sad temper and obsessive-compulsive disorder of picking my throat every time I eat. Many years later, I gradually understand that the kind of behavior from a little bit of deep love to helplessness is because I dont love myself, so he cant fall in love with me. Its not his fault.

One day, I was walking in the spring, and I suddenly began to cry. The weather was very good, the temperature was very warm, and the people around me were very friendly. But I was so unhappy that I suddenly wanted to lose weight. Because when I cry, I seem to hear myself say, you dont want to be fat any more. You are still young and there are so many beautiful things waiting for you.

Women often make up their minds in a flash, whether its losing weight or forgetting a man.

It seems that a woman will be cut off. I lost a lot of diet pills, no longer expect to have any panacea will let me become a light girl in one night. I began to have infinite patience for losing weight. I remember that kind-hearted boy told me again and again before leaving, you take good care of yourself. I decided to realize a long-standing oath.

I do yoga to sweat in my eyes; I walk a lot of roads, and often walk seven or eight kilometers alone; I start running, jump on the treadmill, and run ten kilometers unbeaten from four hundred meters; I begin to control my appetite, and gradually turn a vicious carnivore on the table into a lady vegetarian. I seem to really thin down bit by bit, those stubborn fat no longer appear in the mirror, I can gradually see that I may also have a little bit of beauty potential.

It took me a long time to grow thin into an ordinary person. I have experienced ridicule, doubt and attack, but I never doubted that I would reach such an end. Because losing weight is such a wonderful thing, it empties my redundant emotions, makes me fall in love with the day of being alone, and makes me begin to admire my determination and will. It makes a good thing happen with another good thing, which makes my life full of a lot of expectations.

Now when I look at the overweight girl walking on the road, I still feel pity. Many girls puberty is destroyed by obesity. They used a body of flesh to bear the ridicule, dislike and betrayal, and I came from that experience.

A woman can be destroyed by many things, betrayal of love, alienation of friendship, indifference of kinship, but the least can be destroyed by obesity, that is, you destroy yourself. Fat cant evaluate a persons essence, but it shows a persons determination and execution and attitude towards life to some extent.

Now Im in my third year, looking at the girls who are suffering from weight loss, I really want to tell them, dont believe in the myth of eating only ten catties of bananas a week, because the accumulated hunger is storing strength for your collapse again; and dont believe that food is the best comfort for women, because that comfort refers to tasting a few pieces when you are depressed Expensive Belgian dark chocolate instead of two kilos of cheap candy. Weight loss is a long-term career, which requires constant patience, which is similar to most of the philosophy in life: you should understand the choice, do not be greedy.

My nth ex got married a few days ago, and almost all the pictures of him and the bride were on the screen in the circle of friends. Do you believe it? After me, he actually found a true everlasting love, that girl and he have come to the present. I am no longer jealous of how much love he said to her, just give silent blessing. She is still as beautiful as that, still slender, not wearing a big chest wedding dress, noble and elegant temperament. Its a pity that even though Im struggling to lose weight, learn to make up and wear beautiful pupil, I still dont have her face and figure, but at least in my limited youth, I have worked very hard to become the best myself.

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