What behaviors of a boy mean that he doesnt like you?

 What behaviors of a boy mean that he doesnt like you?

The curtain falls and the poem becomes a poem

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If you like a person, you will be biased. If he doesnt protect you, he certainly doesnt like you.

Sit and watch the clouds rise

Do it when you come and go when youre done.

When I went out to eat, I just said that I didnt eat spicy food, but I still ate maocai. When I went out to buy water, I bought you pure water, and only when I came to my aunt, I would buy hot milk tea. When I met for the third time, I told you that I would go to a private cinema, but I refused, or I decided to drive there. Fortunately, I caught up with other peoples decoration. When I knew my birthday, my boss bought me a cake to order Table, colleagues accompany me on my birthday, he only bought me an earring, or the kind of cheap. Love or not, you can see the details, this kind of direct break up.

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1. Its very difficult to reply to your message. Pay attention, its not slow, its hard; even if you reply, its not up to the point; Im not willing to have any communication with you. 2. Behind your back to comment on you, even gossip, broken mouth. 3. Regardless of the occasion, cold violence, or verbal attack, suppression, bad words, bossy. 4. I advise you kind and lovely little sisters. When you meet this kind of person, you must not think that you are polite, cultured and patient, and you will be respected. If you should turn back, you should turn back.

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Tiktok walking in front of the supermarket, when people are many, naturally the handle is loose, when eating, they only look at the mobile phone, and when you sleep, you are looking back at you. Details!

Warm heart

Dont send your photos to the circle of friends.

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When you are angry, he wont coax you, wait for you to calm down and digest by yourself; hang up your phone or dont answer your phone when playing games.

Lily Lily

When I see you fall, Im ashamed.

I want to borrow money from you.

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Subconsciously avoid eye contact and physical contact with you.

Not taking the initiative is the answer, not responding is refusing.

Water drop

When you think he may not like you, be confident and get rid of the possibility.

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Uncle said: when you click on this article and confirm the phenomenon described to the boy, yes, you already know subconsciously that he doesnt like you. No matter how much you like it, if you dont get a response, thats enough. Please take your love, go to the next mountain sea.