Guizhou mens national day to eat 23 alcohol, the total amount of money let him dumbfounded

 Guizhou mens national day to eat 23 alcohol, the total amount of money let him dumbfounded

It is not easy to look forward to the golden week, but can not rest, but also spend a lot of money. Eating wine - attending a wedding banquet, compared with working overtime, is also exhausting! Whats more, its 23 sets of wine, which makes people doubt their life.

Before the Golden Week holiday every year, Mr. Lei of Bijie will always count the wine to eat in the near future. One is to prevent himself from forgetting and the other is to arrange the monthly expenditure in advance. And this years wine is a headache for him, too much! According to incomplete statistics, for more than ten days before and after the holiday, 4800 yuan will be sent out for 23 liquor sets.

(Statistics: the wine Mr. Lei wants to eat before and after national day)

Its one thing to give money. There are six people in the family, and its not enough to share all the wine. Whats more, on October 1 alone, there were eight liquor sets, and two of them were close relatives. One is the nieces marriage, the other is the nieces sons marriage, both sides should be present.

Fortunately, according to local customs, there are not many gifts. The average neighborhood is only 100 yuan, but all of them add up to a lot. 4800 yuan is just a gift. Plus other expenses, the salary of that month is not enough.

Mr. Lei said: this is only incomplete statistics, because the familys children are older, everyone has their own wine during the long holiday, all of which have not been counted..

Anyway, no one in my family has ever eaten at home during the long vacation every year. Usually, the dishes bought on September 30 will be sealed by October 10.

This is just the epitome of a village in Bijie. During the golden week, many people are wandering around the wedding banquet. In Guiyang, office worker Xiao Zhang made a list of gifts he should give on national day. He didnt have much wine, but he had a good relationship. He had to give 7000 yuan.

Are you afraid? The gift of 7000 yuan did not fall on the post of national day overtime, but on the human relationship that had to be paid. The salary of one month was arranged clearly.

This is a true portrayal of a person who does not marry returning to poverty because of marriage. When it comes to the golden week, after the double festival, he is ready to drink the first breath of northwest wind in autumn.

Of course, some people are more free and easy. They just save money in a different way, but they still cant save it. This mandatory way is very good, and one day it will be their turn to collect it. In this way, happiness comes back.

There are also a group of people who are actually the most miserable. They work overtime during the National Day holiday, but do they think that they dont have to pay for their overtime work. Should they do so at will.

Can you keep your wallet this holiday?

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