Female star romance exposed! The truth is shocking

 Female star romance exposed! The truth is shocking

Although he withdrew from the competition due to injury, Jiang Zhenyu still gained a lot of fans because of his excellent dance skills and natural beauty. Even though he was not able to form a group later, Jiang Jiang still received a lot of invited olive branches to participate in variety shows and accept endorsements. His career developed smoothly.

Recently, Jiang Zhenyu was photographed on a close trip with a friend. Gao Tians interactive stone hammer exposed Jiangs suspected love affair.

In the early morning of the next day, things had the latest trend. Jiang Zhenyu wrote in trumpet: Im sorry and quoted a line from the movie Adeles life: you have my infinite tenderness and my life.

Melons direction is more and more confused, netizens can not help but discuss. Some people question that the rising love beans fall in love with idols, but many fans and passers-by also show tolerant attitude. A kind of

Besides Jiang Zhenyu himself, we are not qualified to judge the truth and the final result of the matter, let alone interfere.

However, whether or not he is really in love, Jiang Zhenyus love girl is beyond doubt! Her skin is super good, and her daily maintenance pays great attention to cleaning. Only when the dirt and makeup residue on the skin are cleaned up, can she have a real skin beauty~

So, in the 22nd issue of beauty appraisal team, sister Yi will come to evaluate 5 super popular cosmetics removal products for you!

Test methodu2014u2014

01evelom classic cleansing cream uffe5 465 / 50ml

The texture of this cleansing cream is between cream and oil. It can be emulsified by rubbing it in the hand. It needs to be used with the complimentary mazlin cotton cloth. The official makeup removal steps are slightly cumbersome, but the makeup removal force is enough, and it can also remove cutin and bright skin color. The whole process of removing makeup is like doing spa, feeling super healing.

02 Tijia tingdemake makeup remover uffe5 198 / 250ml * 2EA

03fanclmco quick cleaning makeup remover uffe5 228 / 120ml

This very classic makeup remover is in a new package~

04mediplus cleansing gel uffe5 360 / 160g

This is a hand wet can also be used to remove makeup gel, oil-free formula, do not need to do a second cleaning. The gel texture is very comfortable to use. It can gently remove the makeup and facial oil stains. There is no tension after washing.

05fresh Fulaishi soybean essence make-up remover cleanser uffe5 330 / 150ml

This gel cleansing remover can gently and quickly remove facial make-up. The fragrance is very healing. It is rich in soy protein, amino acids and soothing plant ingredients. It has the effects of sedation and skin refreshing. It has enough makeup remover, no soap and fragrance, and sensitive muscles.

The evaluation of the five cosmetics removal products are all presented. You can choose the one that suits you according to your preference and skin type!

Gradually into autumn, the weather is more and more dry, sister Yi also told you: after removing makeup, remember to replenish water, keep moist, in order to harvest clean and elastic skin.

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