Exclusive interview with Wang Zixuan

 Exclusive interview with Wang Zixuan

Wang Zixuan has created many vivid screen characters along the way, and her image of beauty and strength is deeply rooted in the hearts of the audience.

Yi Jie, who is envious of CICIs model figure and changeable temperament, invited her to the interview room to find out the secret of keeping her figure and interesting things in the filming process.

Interview with Wang Zixuan

Wang Zixuan: I can experience an immersive interactive experience online and offline.

Netease fashion: what is the first Burberry piece?

Netease fashion: introduce todays shape!

Wang Zixuan: todays design is also a breakthrough. Its very different from my usual style. First of all, its a pink skirt, very designed. This sleeve can be worn out (from the cuff). Its hollow, but its very elegant and fluent.

Netease fashion: what are the most popular items in the wardrobe?

Wang Zixuan: it should be shoes or accessories.

Netease fashion: what small details make the appearance more attractive?

Wang Zixuan: different situations will have different styles, but I think accessories are very important in them. For example, today I want to be feminine. Maybe I can make some very feminine decorations. I want to be casual. Its very simple accessories.

Netease fashion: did you get fat during the first half of the year?

Wang Zixuan: No. Its one of my few advantages to be able to keep exercising every day. The skill of new get is to be your own private teacher, arrange courses for yourself, and be your own administrator.

Netease fashion: do you eat fat constitution?

Wang Zixuan: I still eat fat, but I can exercise. It will be balanced. Eat what you want to eat. I dont know what to eat. But it will be consumed by sports. My favorite three kinds of food are: Sichuan egg cake, hot pot, coconut juice.

Netease fashion: little tips about fitness?

Wang Zixuan: everyone should choose different sports according to their own situation. For example, some people are suitable for Pilates and yoga, while others may be suitable for very intense sports like crossfit or Murph.

Netease fashion: how to get your same figure?

Netease fashion: whats your body view?

Wang Zixuan: there was a stage like this before. I felt that I must be thin. But now I still feel that the first thing to do is to be healthy. Its not skinny, its good-looking. And we can also use clothes to modify our body shape, you can also find your own suitable. Health is the best.

Netease fashion: the new feeling after the performance of the little goddess?

Wang Zixuan: apart from the anxiety at the beginning of shooting, I was quite satisfied with the results. I didnt regret any play. Now it seems that I didnt regret what I paid at that time, and it was worth it. In the past few years, I have grown up with my characters, and my interests have become more and more homesick.

Wang Zixuan: theres no official announcement yet, but my role is a god of service that every player who plays Yin Yang division will encounter as soon as he goes in.

Netease fashion: Unforgettable or interesting things in the filming process?

Wang Zixuan: in fact, the character of my character in the play is very happy, so every day is very interesting. Eating barbecue while staying up late is a very happy thing.

Netease fashion: is there any pressure to cooperate with Chen Kun?

Wang Zixuan: I think there are, there are When I talk about Kunge, I stammer. Its stressful, but its also a great learning opportunity.

Wang Zixuan: she is free and has a soul. She is very cute. Her hair is very good.

Wang Zixuan: 99.5!

Netease fashion: as a Scorpios little quirk?

Netease fashion: send some blessings to single fans!

Wang Zixuan: its really good to enjoy being single. If you really meet the right person, enjoy waiting.

He studied ballet as a child and was admitted to the Department of Chinese opera performance with the second highest score in China. Wang Zixuan, who has been working hard on the way to an actor, is extremely superior in terms of appearance and professional quality. She can be said that she is born to eat this bowl of rice.

Her height of 172cm, head to body ratio and leg length are among the best in the entertainment industry, which makes her popular with fashion magazines.

The velvet little black dress is mysterious and elegant, with the fiery serpentine high-heeled boots and tassel metal ear chain, full of wild and natural beauty.

She has black hair, red lips and eyes, just like the retro beauty in Hong Kong movies in the 1980s.

Camel tassel coat, plaid suit pants and Lefu shoes are the goddess of literature and art with British temperament. Thats right!

CICI Wang Zixuans clothing aesthetics is displayed incisively and vividly in daily life, which makes people feel that this is too good to wear.

Summer essential fresh Daisy dress, with high socks and heel shoes, young girl feeling overflow the screen.

The two-piece jujube waistcoat with light blue wide leg jeans, Forrest Gump running shoes and waist bag is full of retro feeling.

Black and white extremely simple home clothes can also wear natural and unrestrained beauty, this beauty is too good to build!

The perfect figure comes from soberness and self-discipline, and the vivid acting skill benefits from ten years of hard study and tempering.

The harder she works, the luckier she gets. Wang Zixuan, who seems to be the daughter of heaven, has made her way to this day. Who doesnt love girls with high IQ and EQ?