The tourism industry chain is ready to go

 The tourism industry chain is ready to go

Tourists enthusiasm for tourism is lit, and the tourist attractions will be welcomed by tourists everywhere. The policy is also very awesome.

On July 14 and September 18, the Ministry of culture and tourism issued two notices successively to resume group tourism across provinces (districts and cities), and adjust the limited measures for scenic spots. The latest notice clearly states that the number of tourists received by scenic spots should not exceed 75% of the maximum carrying capacity.

At the same time of expansion, the price of scenic spot tickets has been continuously reduced.

In August this year, the general office of the national development and Reform Commission issued a notice on continuously promoting and improving the ticket price formation mechanism of state-owned scenic spots. According to the notice, different operation and management modes of scenic spots should be innovated, and classified measures should be taken to promote the return of ticket prices of state-owned scenic spots to a reasonable range, reduce the high level of ticket prices, and promote the disclosure of revenue and expenditure information.

According to the data of flying pigs, Shanghai Disneyland Resort, Zhuhai Chimelong ocean Kingdom, Yulong Snow Mountain, Dali ancient city, Guangzhou Changlong wildlife world, Lijiang ancient city, Wuzhizhou island and Jiuzhaigou scenic spots are popular scenic spots on national day.

In this context, many OTAs began to bleed and introduce hard core subsidy measures. On September 8, Feizhu travel announced the launch of the first 10 billion yuan subsidy program in the tourism industry. The first phase started with hotel products, covering 100000 hotels in 100 cities across the country. Before the national day, it will further cover the admission tickets of scenic spots and parks. Ctrip launched a tourism member day promotion activity in early September, integrating advantageous products and giving subsidies, with a maximum reduction of 1000 yuan for holiday products.

According to Feizhu, the scenic spot tickets will be included in the 10 billion yuan subsidy before the national day. After the subsidy of Shanghai Disneyland tickets, there will be a rare historical low price of 199 yuan, and the ticket prices of scenic spots such as the Forbidden City, Changlong and Haichang will also be reduced by 50%.

Shell finance reporter Zhang Zeyan, editor Chen Li, proofread by Jia Ning