Qi Weis new style is really bold to be a whole body model

 Qi Weis new style is really bold to be a whole body model

At a glance, this model is really a bit scary, and even a little breathless. In fact, this is a bold attempt made by Qi Wei for the new MV.

You may have done a wax figure of her hand, but its really a bold attempt for Qi Wei to directly mold her whole body. The actress even recorded her ugly side in the form of vlog? Its really brave of Yan Gao.

Looking at vlogs records, its easy to find that this kind of mold is still very hard to do. Qi Wei is really brave among female artists. Every modeling can bring new surprises.

As can be seen from the MV warm-up film, Qi Weis whole body model is actually for the interpretation of old self. Every wrinkle and blood vessel on the whole body line has been delicately simulated, without any violation.

After taking off the personalized modeling, change into a clear and moist lip makeup and curly eye makeup, which is a charming and sexy seven brothers.

Qi Wei is definitely on the list for the female stars breakthrough in modeling.

Source: Netease fashion editor: CHEN Si_ NB12921