Exclusive interview with Duan aojuan: old soul cant be hidden in the body after 00

 Exclusive interview with Duan aojuan: old soul cant be hidden in the body after 00

Sweet and fresh

Its just amazing

They are sunshine girl


Special interview with Duan aojuan

Diddidi, Yuanqi girl dajuan online, and send you a chat invitation!

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Exclusive interview with Duan aojuan: old soul cant be hidden in her body after 00 (source: Netease fashion)

The only constant is her inner sunshine and positive quality.

Duan aojuan: sunshine girl, I think its youth and vitality. No matter what happens, its over. I wont stay in my heart for a long time to make myself miserable.

Duan aojuan: if there is a season, I will use spring, because I prefer to live things. I think spring is full of spring, and then everything recovers, which will bring hope to people.

Netease fashion: is there any high-frequency recommendation of wear it and go out?

Duan aojuan: high frequency is T-shirt, and there is that kind of cycling pants, with a pair of small white shoes.

Netease fashion: in your stage modeling (dark bride, little red riding hood, camouflage, etc.), which one is the most impressed?

Duan aojuan: the dark bride. Because we have never tried that style of stage performance before, and it is the first time to do such a challenge.

Netease fashion: what kind of hairstyle do you like? Do you change your hair according to the season and mood?

Duan aojuan: I prefer short hair. I like to have no bangs, but I may be more confident if I have bangs. (changing hair according to season and mood) I dont think so. Ive had my hair for a long time.

Netease fashion: choose an unconventional lipstick, which color will you try?

Netease fashion: what methods do you usually use to keep in good condition?

Duan aojuan: to control carbon water, it is to eat less rice and noodles. And then move a little bit. (cleaning and maintenance) I will generally be a little simpler. If I get up early, I will wash my face with water first, and then wipe it with water. Maybe after I finish my makeup, Ill apply a mask, then Ill wipe the water again.

Netease fashion: teach you how to take some selfie tips with high sense?

Duan aojuan: I think one of the secrets is that when you choose a scene, you cant be too chaotic, just choose a key thing to highlight. I like the picture to be a little bit more positive, and then I will add some filters later, and sometimes add some noise, so it will be more storytelling.


That passionate girl with a vision of the world, let the dream grow freely in the sun. Small body, contains huge music energy.

Netease fashion: who is your favorite singer? How to understand the power of example?

Duan aojuan: of course, what I appreciate most is my fruit sister, because I have the experience of watching her, such as some acting experience. She seems to be able to inspire me, because she is also from a person like music, to their own music, after the discovery process. So I think this kind of experience inspires me. Its a person who gives me strength.

Netease fashion: which stage moment is fresh in your memory?

Netease fashion: what changes and insights do you have in these two months after graduation?

Netease fashion: what is the future development and effort direction?

Netease fashion: do you think music has age limit?

Duan aojuan: I think that at different ages, singing will have different feelings. For example, I will be a little younger now. Maybe I will be a little more mature in a few years.

Netease fashion: what kind of experience is it to participate in the supernova games?

Duan aojuan: Im nervous, because everyone is running very fast. I feel that there are so many people watching when Im on the court. I dont want to let everyone down and try my best. Although I can predict my position in my heart, I still want to spell it again.

Netease fashion: what are the good and bad sports?

Duan aojuan: what you are good at may be running and long jump. If you are not good at long-distance running and basketball, you may only be able to dribble, but you cant play.

Netease fashion: how much is your cooking?

Duan aojuan: if the full score is 100, give your cooking a score of 70.

Netease fashion: what are the specialties and desserts?

Duan aojuan: fried meat with green pepper, then double cooked pork, scrambled eggs with tomato, fried vegetables, chicken wings with cola, and learned the rice pot cake.

Duan aojuan: let yourself be busy, that is to arrange your time every day to do something meaningful and enrich yourself, which will reduce the feeling of homesickness. The last time I went home was because there was an activity, which happened to be in Chengdu, and then I went home.

Part 3 quick questions and answers

Netease fashion: badminton or running?

Netease fashion: big dog or dog?

Duan aojuan: big dog.

Netease fashion: skirt or pants?

Duan aojuan: pants.

Netease fashion: which one is older, psychological age or physiological age?

Duan aojuan: psychological age.

Duan aojuan: green.

Netease fashion: think of fans, the first adjective in your mind?

Duan aojuan insane? hey.

Netease fashion: the most scared thing?

Netease fashion: imitate your most commonly used expression pack?

Duan aojuan: what I often use recently is Well, this one.

Netease fashion: its own catchphrase?

What are your favorite snacks?

Duan aojuan: Double cooked pork, steamed spareribs with flour, steamed pork with flour, cold cake.

Netease fashion: what do you do at home when youre not working?

Duan aojuan: tidy the room, cook, and listen to music.

Dajuan expression Pack 4 shots in a row. Come and receive cute critical hit

A kind of

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Omelets, list three reasons why youre so pink!