Omega Omega 2020 new product Preview

 Omega Omega 2020 new product Preview

Daniel Craigs advice is crucial to the design of this watch. We think a lightweight watch is essential for Agent 007, he said. I also suggest adding retro elements and colors to the design to make the watch more unique. In the end, this watch is excellent!

This 42mm watch case and mesh chain are made of grade 2 titanium with innovative adjustable clasps. Titanium metal is strong and light, which helps undercover agents to complete difficult and dangerous tasks successfully.

The back of the watch is engraved with a series of unique digital codes for military watches. 0552 is a special code designated by the Royal Navy, while 9237697 is the code of diving watch. The letter a refers to the spiral in crown watch, and 007, of course, is the exclusive number of the legendary agent James Bond. Finally, the number 62 represents the year in which the first bond film was released.

With naiadlock technology, the directional screw in back ensures that the engraved numbers and patterns are always in the correct position. The watch is equipped with Omega 8806 Zhizhen Observatory movement, which is certified by the Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology (metas). Its accuracy, antimagnetism and overall performance all meet the higher standards of the industry.

In addition to the eye-catching titanium mesh chain, a watch with a NATO stripe strap is available, with 007 logo engraved on the strap clasp, and a special brown canvas watch collection bag. The new seahorse series 300m diving watch 007 version not only becomes James Bonds choice between wrists, but also will be officially sold in Omega Flagship Store in February 2020 to meet the expectations of watch collectors and fans.

Omega new constellation series mens watch dynamic style modern choice

In the field of advanced professional watch making, constellation series watches have always been the outstanding symbol of Omegas precise quality and classic style. Now, the brand has launched the constellation series 41mm mens watch, adding strength to the fifth generation constellation series wristwatch. Inheriting the classic design of constellation series, the new product presents a striking and dynamic modern style.

The brand new constellation series 41mm mens watch has been launched in 8 styles, which are made of 18K gold, fine steel and 18K gold or fine steel. Omega integrates the brands excellent materials and innovative watch making technology into its watch design. Seven of its watch rims are made of polished ceramic. Its design inspiration comes from the dark ring of constellation watch in 1982. The Roman numeral scale on the ceramic watch ring is created by omegacergold? Technology or LiquidMetal Gamma It is made of alloy; there is also a watch ring made of fine steel, and its Roman numeral scale is blackened.

The brand new constellation series 41mm mens watch has achieved higher attainments in aesthetic design. The dial is polished with blue or black sun rays and a grey silk texture. The case and claw are polished and wiredrawing, and the chamfering is polished to make it more delicate. The design of the pointer and hour scale is inspired by the triangular section of the New York freedom tower. Seven of the watches are made of leather strap with antibacterial rubber lining, and one is made of rubber. Whats more surprising is that the strap of constellation series 41mm mens watch can be exchanged with the metal chain or full leather strap of constellation series 39mm mens watch to meet the wearing needs of different styles of consumers.

The brand new constellation series 41mm mens watch has passed eight rigorous tests approved by the Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology (metas), and its accuracy, antimagnetism and overall performance have reached higher standards of the industry. The daily accuracy of the watch is between 0 and + 5 seconds. It can resist the strong magnetic field of 15000 Gauss, and can store power for 60 hours. It also has the function of quickly adjusting the time zone. Through the sapphire glass surface, the performance of the Omega 8900 / 8901 coaxial system is clearly visible.

The new constellation series 41mm mens watch is a new masterpiece of Omega, which combines precision quality, classic aesthetics and excellent performance. Watch lovers can explore the dynamic vitality brought by the brand-new constellation watch in the classic and innovation, and experience the fashion style and modern style of the constellation watch.

Omega hippocampal series aquaterra: a new look at the Observatory

Recently, Omega, a famous Swiss watch maker, has launched two new color matching aquaterra astronomical observatory watches. The new blue and green dials add another color to this classic watch, perfectly presenting Omegas excellent watch making technology and ocean exploration spirit.

The design of the new watch continues the elegant aesthetic style of the seahorse series aquaterra. The watch is made of 41mm symmetrical stainless steel case with fine steel chain or leather strap with matching color. The refined steel watch chain is polished and wiredrawing polished, and the leather strap is more gentlemanly.

The horizontal teak texture dial shows the polishing effect of solar rays, inspired by the teak deck on a luxury yacht. In order to meet the different needs of consumers, Omega watchmakers add blue and green dials to the popular aquaterra watch series of seahorse. The word waterproof coefficient on the dial is transferred to the back of the watch, making the dial more simple and atmospheric. There is a calendar window at 6 oclock. The conical crown not only increases the delicacy of the watch, but also facilitates the operation of the wearer. The back of the table is designed with corrugated edge, just like the wave that comes and goes.

The two new seahorse series aquaterra zenith Observatory tables are equipped with Omega 8900 Zhizhen Observatory movement. They are certified by the Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology (metas). Their accuracy, antimagnetism and overall performance all meet the higher standards of the industry. The wristwatch is equipped with red Zhizhen Observatory certification card and has a 5-year warranty service.

The Omega seahorse series aquaterra the ultimate Observatory watch is a classic tribute to the brands spirit of marine exploration. It is an ideal choice for those who love the ocean and explore the ocean. It is rich in materials, with dial of different colors, metal chain, leather strap or rubber strap to accompany the wearer through the vast land and deep sea.

Omega Super Series 38mm gold watch presents elegant and meaningful beauty

Omega, a famous Swiss professional watch maker, has launched a new 18K gold version of the Super Series 38mm wristwatch, which combines the dynamic and elegant femininity of the super moon watch. It is classic, meaningful and elegant, and provides more choices for female super fans.

The all gold material adds exquisite beauty to the classic Legendary Super watch. The overall color of the dial is softer. The unique concentric circle design on the small oval dial is pleasing to the eye.

One of the watch cases is made of Sedna? 18K gold with a grayish brown leather strap. This watch continues the style of the super 38 mm cappuccino watch. The dial is milky white and silver, while the small dial is different from the previous Brown design. It is consistent with the color of the large dial, simple and atmospheric. The pointer and hour scale are made of Sedna? 18K gold, with a calendar window at 6 oclock.

The second case is made of yellow 18K gold with a silver dial and green leather strap. The hour hand, minute hand, second hand and arrow shaped hour scale are made of yellow 18K gold, and the timing pointer is decorated with green, which makes the whole color bright and energetic.

The brand-new model of Chaoba series 38mm watch also adopts the unique double circle design. The polished gold scale outer ring is equipped with the super watchs signature aluminum speed measuring ring, which is classic and magnificent; or the outer ring is decorated with 90 bright cutting diamonds and equipped with aluminum speed measuring ring.

The gold surface of the new watch is embossed with the famous seahorse badge pattern. The inside of the watch is equipped with Omega 3330 coaxial movement. It has a five-year warranty service to provide solid protection for consumers.