What does a luxury watch with a price of nearly 20 million look like?

 What does a luxury watch with a price of nearly 20 million look like?

Most of the most complicated watches in each exhibition are contracted by Jiang shidanton. Each of the loft craftsmans series is beautiful, which makes people sigh at the fantastic ideas of the watchmaker. This year, the exhibition hall displays the Ode to music watch of the superb complex astronomical newspaper and Les cabinotiers Pavilion set off by two exquisite Birdcage display cabinets The craftsmans song of the birds wristwatch is the most expensive watch in the venue, with a price of 17.35 million. It has 19 complex functions, and can display a variety of astronomical time, such as standard time, solar time and star time.

The movement of this watch is inspired by the self-made 1731 three asking time movement, which is famous for its extreme thinness. It continues the brands tradition of creating ultra-thin movement. After being redesigned and integrated with astronomical complex functions, the back of the watch is reminiscent of the vast night sky dotted with stars, which is bright, romantic and artistic.

This year, Roger dupe has launched only one unique product in the world. Although it has only been established for 25 years, it has already established a firm foothold in the field of advanced clocks and watches. Every new product release of Roger dupe will bring you infinite surprise. Excalibur superbia combines complex technology and exquisite appearance, embodies the spirit and legendary creativity beyond the limit in this watch, refined with platinum rich in palladium It is inlaid with 600 precious white diamonds and blue sapphire. It is luxurious and gorgeous, glittering and attractive.

Each bright gem in the watch is tetrahedral in shape. The newly deduced double flyer flywheel movement becomes the first double regulator movement connected with the differential mechanism. It incarnates as a perfect artwork with exquisite connotation. The price is 6.58 million. Who can own it?

Speaking of glitter, the count shows you what is really dazzling. This Polo series Emperador Tourbillon hollow out high-grade jewelry watch is an art reflecting the counts profound advanced watch making technology and high-grade jewelry skills.

About 20.84 carats of sapphire are inlaid in the watch ring, micro pendulous and chain belt. The gemstones are made by the most experienced jewelry inlay master of Les ateliers delextraordinaire after 344 hours of fine inlay. The details are shining with exquisite craftsmanship. The count only chooses diamonds of better quality than f, and the purity should be equal to or higher than VVS, which means that the diamond can not be seen with the naked eye.

The creation of Earl Polo series Emperador wristwatch requires a master with super-high technology and exquisite craftsmanship. They first need four years of basic study before they can enter the second stage of several years training for count Piaget. After strict screening, only a few top students can be selected into the training program of advanced watch making workshop, and only enter this training Training plan, to learn from the brands most experienced master watchmaker to make super complex functions and ultra-thin movement technology.

Pamajanis new tonda reinedemai wristwatch is also too beautiful to be moved. It uses a series of artistic techniques including hand chiseling, diamond inlay, manual polishing, manual sandblasting and inlaid decoration. The gold ratio is fully used on the watch, which not only brings the function of the watch to the extreme, but also endows it with ornamental value.

The flower design is carved by machine, and then decorated by hand before inlaying on the white pearl and Fritillaria dial. The manufacture of this pearl and Fritillaria dial needs the cooperation of craftsmen who are proficient in different crafts. It takes as long as 24 hours to sell 5 pieces. Yi Jie has been deeply attracted by it.

After reading so many wristwatches of blingbling, lets talk about Langer, a low-key and luxurious German ace. For Langer, 2020 is a memorable year. This year is not only the 175th anniversary of Saxonys precision watch making legend, but also the 30th anniversary of Langers new journey.

In 1845, Ferdinand Adolf Langer founded his own pocket watch workshop, which opened the curtain of grasutis watch making industry. After that, it continuously developed into a famous watch making center. From the teaching workshop with only 15 apprentices at the beginning, to the famous watch making factory in Germany and even in the world, the founder of Langer has contributed a lot.

At this watch exhibition, Langer launched three unique 1815 series watches in the world, all of which were named in honor of Ferdinand Adolf Langer. These three annual watches are made of 18K Honey Gold, which is exclusively developed by Langer.

Among them, this tourbograph tourbograph Chronograph has two of the five complex functions, the combination of tourbograph and sesame chain transmission system. It is a formidable challenge in the field of tabulation to ensure the ingenious interaction among the other three complex functions of timing, tracking and calendar. Langer also uses black rhodium plated 18K Honey Gold Dial, with three-dimensional digital time scale and scale, combined with relief design, more mature and stable, highlighting the quality, limited to 50.

Pennahais watch is the ultimate dream of many men. For many years, penahai, which has provided precise timing instruments for the Italian Navy, has mainly designed products for the needs of diving special forces. The unique shape of big ears has become its logo, which is very recognizable.

Pennahai and Luna Rossa have jointly launched 250 limited edition wristwatches. Pennahai has carefully made a sustainable composite material from the carbon fiber of the hull and hydrofoil of Luna Rossa fleet ac75 sailboat. This material is recycled and recycled, and then forged into a high-tech polymer. It is used on the dial, which can adapt to extreme conditions, light, pressure resistant, corrosion-resistant, and flexible Can be excellent.

In order to pay homage to the historical heritage in the field of diving watches, Jijia workshop launched Beichen series diving watches.

A transparent sapphire crystal bottom cover is used for the brand-new Jijia Beichen series sounding diving watches. This requires redesigning the time reporting mechanism. The sound spring is fixed on the side of the watch case, and the new hollow metal pendulum decorated with Geneva wave decoration pattern echoes with the exquisite finishing of the movement board. The operation of the timepiece is clear and visible, and the waterproof depth reaches 300 meters Performance diving watch, worthy of its name.

Limited luxury watches are a feast for the eyes. There are many affordable watches on the watch show. Come and have a look!

First of all, lets talk about Cartier. Since its birth in 1985, Pasha series has become a legendary masterpiece. This year, we will meet you again. The design of the square in the circle is very unique. The opposing elements skillfully deduce the harmonious aesthetic feeling. This year, on the basis of the continuation of the classic, the chain crown is one of the most characteristic design elements of Pasha watch. The crown is inlaid with a Blue Spinel or a blue treasure It is also equipped with replaceable strap to meet the needs of different occasions. The price of 43000 yuan is a good entry choice.

The steel chain Pasha that Wang Jiaer wears in the commercial is 51000 yuan. If you want to get the same model, you can arrange it.

When it comes to high cost performance, celebrities must have their names. The Baume series, which was launched in Shanghai, focuses on the concept of environmental protection. The case is made of marine waste plastic, and all other parts can be recycled and reused. It is expected to be on sale in November this year. This model is only about 10000 yuan, which can be said to be very cost-effective.

Portugal timing series is the most popular IWC, so what will happen this year? The whole series continues the simple and classic style and offers more choices in colors. Burgundy Red and green are inspired by the sea. Red and green symbolize starboard and port side in navigation and guide peoples direction in the vast sea. To this end, they pay tribute to the fearless spirit of adventure in the era of big sea.

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After watching so many watches, which one do you grow the most grass?