Exclusive interview with Liao Fan: what is literature and art?

 Exclusive interview with Liao Fan: what is literature and art?

For the role of Wang Yao, Liao Fan nominated the best actor in the 45th Taiwan Film Golden Horse Award

In if you are the one in 2010, it broke through the role of enchanting gay nation buildingu2014u2014

Zhang Zili, the frustrated leader of the criminal police branch in day fireworks in 2014u2014u2014

With Zhang Zili, Liao Fan became the first Chinese film emperor in Berlin

Tai Wei, the criminal police captain who is jealous of evil in psychological crime in 2017u2014u2014

In 2018, people in the world plays the role of brother bin, the prodigal son in the worldu2014u2014

A justice minded criminal police captain in the gathering at South Station in 2019u2014u2014

This time, sister Yi invited Liao Fan, a powerful actor with a strong spirit, to the interview room to listen to interesting stories about how to keep the actors fresh.

What is the charm of actors? New skills during the outbreak? Come and watch it with sister Yi!

About fashion

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Exclusive interview with Liao Fan: what is literature and art? (source: Netease fashion)

Netease fashion: whats the watchmaker for todays watch?

Netease fashion: what is the most important point in choosing a watch?

Netease fashion: do you usually wear formal or sports watches?

Liao Fan: for very formal occasions, there may be some formal watches; most of them may be functional sports watches.

About actors

Netease fashion: in your opinion, as an actor, do you need innovation?

Liao Fan: I think innovation is needed in any industry. Maybe Entertainment (industry) is the most attractive for young people. Why do people always go to the talent shows and see the new people? The freshness is the most attractive and commercial part.

Netease fashion: as an actor, how can you innovate?

Liao Fan: everyones way may be different. Some people think that they should not innovate, but use a fresh one for a lifetime. This innovation is not something you can innovate if you want to. It needs to accumulate, to taste.

Netease fashion: in your eyes, do actors over 40 years old have thorns on their career path?

Liao Fan: I started to tell my story when I was 30 or 40 years old. I learned how to express myself gracefully in front of the camera.

Netease fashion: what do you think is the charm of a mature actor?

Liao Fan: just dont know where your charm is, which may prove that you are mature.

About life

Netease fashion: did you get any new skills during the epidemic?

Liao Fan: in fact, everyone is a good cook. You will find that you have a lot of potential.

Netease fashion: what do you think is the most precious thing about the epidemic situation?

Liao Fan: I dont know what literature and art is. I think its a critics word.

Netease fashion: how to relax and reduce pressure when not filming?

Liao Fan: its normal life.

Its too Su, everyone

As a representative of Yan Youpin, Liao Fan is not only a graduate of Shangxi performance department, but also a classmate friend of Renquan and Li Bingbing. In terms of fashion, he is favored by major magazines.



Weekend pictorial

You think its over? Liao Fan is not only fashionable and elegant, but also good-looking in his daily activities.

As a fashion must for male stars: suits, Liao Fans wardrobe also has many different stylesu2014u2014

The printed casual suit and orange T-shirt create a relaxed atmosphere

A black wide stripe double breasted suit with exquisite brooch is a mature and natural president

A white shirt with a solid color double breasted suit, a black bow tie and pocket square scarf is formal and solemn

Its fun and relaxed to wear black pleated shirt with casual printed suit

The pure white high-collar shirt with grey wool suit, calm and elegant, is the model of autumn and winter collocation

A dark grey double breasted suit with a white shirt and a woven top hat shows a retro modern look

Not only are the suits easy to wear, but also all kinds of shirts are also fashionable by Liao Fanu2014u2014

Short sleeve graffiti shirt with black pants and woven hat for fun and relaxation

Graffiti T-shirt + shirt with black trousers, knitted hat in the same color adds a little casual and lazy

The white pinstriped shirt, grey wide striped trousers and top hat of the same color complement each other to make it fresh and clean

The graffiti shirt and dark trousers make it easy to look

Looking forward to Liao Fans next work!