What can the resume after 00 be against the weather

 What can the resume after 00 be against the weather

Not a few years ago, when we mentioned 00, the keywords still came to mind, such as wayward, network aborigines, second dimension, slang, and so on. Now, its time to marvel and praise them.

And if you look at these Post-00 resumes, you may be surprised - they are no longer what we thought they were.

Two years ago, Weibo began to circulate a Post-00 resume.

At the age of 5, he has traveled with his parents to 43 cities at home and abroad One of the comments said, I may not be as good as this kid in my life..

Many people may have found that the post-00s have already stood out on the stage.

This years popular network drama secret corner, also let people see the strength of young actors after 00. Shi PENGYUAN (Yan Liang), Rong Zishan (Zhu Chaoyang) and Wang Shengdi (Pu Pu Pu) reaped a large number of Auntie fans with their brilliant acting skills.

On July 7, 2020, Zhanjiang, Guangdong Province, the location of the popular online drama secret corner, the main character of the play lived in the old street of Yongning Road, Chikan District when he was a child

The biggest attraction of the secret corner is that it depicts a lot of human nature, which is shown by the actors acting details.

In Rong Zishans and Zhang Songwens most famous rival play, Zhu Chaoyang turns to the recorder in his fathers bag, Zhu Yongping (Zhang Songwen), and realizes his fathers suspicion of him. The desire for kinship is intertwined with disappointment with father, a complex emotion that many adult actors find difficult to control.

Among the 50 + hot searches related to secret corner, there is one most moving one: the hidden corner film emperor class. The gags recorded scenes of Qin Hao, Zhang Songwen, Wang Jingchun and other old actors teaching children to act on the set. Some people say that this is the real teach each other with ones pocket, and pass on the torch from generation to generation..

After the end of secret corner, Rong Zishans new film goodbye! Young man is about to be put on file. Shi PENGYUAN wants to play with Duan Yihong in Jia Zhangkes new film a knife in heaven, while Wang Shengdi chooses to go abroad for further study.

On July 7, 2020, Zhanjiang, Guangdong Province, the location of the popular online drama secret corner and the famous local scenic spot Sea city

For the actors of previous generations, they may have to go through a dormant period of 5-10 years or even longer to meet a key opportunity and have a representative work. To have a firm foothold in the performing arts circle, to a certain extent, was a matter of enduring the years and accumulating works.

And now, after 00 actors can also get the appreciation of their predecessors, get the opportunity of rapid growth. At a young age, they have been able to have their own representative works.

The combat effectiveness of the post-00s is not only reflected in the performing arts industry.

As early as 2016, 15-year-old diver Ren Xi won the womens 10m platform champion at the Rio Olympics, becoming Chinas first Post-00 Olympic champion, which was four years ago. And in this years Tokyo Olympic simulation, more after 00 has become the main force of the Chinese team.

In the scientific research field, the post-00s are indispensable.

Scientific research and academic research are not just the affairs of experts and scholars in the ivory tower. With their own interests and research, they can also form an advance team for scientific research.

On March 16, 2018, the Guangzhou selection of the world skills competition started, and many after 00 players participated

Tan Fanglin, who was born in 2004 and was only 15 years old, appeared at the second world top scientists Forum on October 29 last year. It seems that she has extraordinary scientific research ability. Her mathematics research project completed in junior high school has successfully improved a rough estimation formula published by Canadian mathematician Rankin in the American Mathematics monthly.

Besides talking about Fang Lin, the other small scientists who developed the gel ulcer medicine formula and the bridge AlphaGo were invited to participate in this forum. They showed their scientific research achievements, and also had the opportunity to communicate with Nobel Prize and Turing Award.

According to the Tencent Post-00 research report released in 2018, 73% of the post-00s believe that if they want to define self, they can increase their knowledge accumulation in a certain field and make achievements in this field, that is, by becoming small experts in specific fields.

The post-00s agree that its cool to have a thorough understanding of what theyve identified and do it well. Its not difficult to understand why they show high professional quality at a young age.

It is not only these more brilliant and well-known public figures who have stepped onto the stage. On the whole, the post-00s also show different characteristics from their predecessors.

In 2020, such a global water adversity year, after 00 has begun to carry things.

On February 24, Chen Yuting, a female nurse who had just turned 20 but had three years of nursing experience, volunteered to submit a letter of application and went to the front line of Jingzhou, Hubei Province.

On the night of February 24, 2020, on the way to Wuhan living room shelter hospital, there were few pedestrians outside the window, and Liu Jiayi, who was carsick, closed her eyes after getting on the bus

Liu Jiayi, a doctor and nurse of Guangdong aid Hubei medical team after 00, said, I may be a child at home, but I am not a child if I wear war clothes.

Below the amazing resume of 5-year-old children, there are two comments:

Its not the gap between children, its the gap between families, its the gap between us.

Those who said they lost at the starting line, are you sure everyone is on the same field?

In fact, there is an important background behind the adversity resume of the post-00s - they have a lot of inborn advantages that the post-80s and post-90s cant match.

In the 1980s, people who made a special trip to Chengdu to watch TV

Born and grown up in an era of material abundance, the post-2000s dont have to go through the embarrassment of previous generations worrying about filling their stomachs. Material richness also sows seeds for quality education.

Their parents have higher education level and more advanced and open education concept.

An academic study published by Pakistani scholars in 2015 pointed out that the higher the education level of parents, the easier it is to teach children who learn well. Parents education and family environment have an important impact on childrens behavior choice.

However, according to a survey conducted by Tencent in 2019, among the fathers and mothers born after 00, 59.8% and 53.3% of them had high school education, 53.3% had technical school education, and 12% - 16% had bachelor degree or above.

However, only 2.37% - 5.9% of the post-90s parents have bachelor degree or above.

A few days ago, after 00, they went on a microblog hot search again. The post-90s asked their souls: how cool is the post-00s with artificial intelligence growing up.

On September 19, 2018, the seminar on popularization and teaching of artificial intelligence scraino programming education was held in Tianjin Dongli Experimental Primary School / Tong Yu (Tianjin Branch) / China News Agency

They will no longer use Nokia to send text messages one by one, just touch the smart watches of two partners or scan wechat QQ to chat instantly.

Even if the children stay at home alone, they are no longer like the post-90s in a few limited TV channels back and forth, pinching time every afternoon to watch the windmill.

In fact, it is a changing and developing era behind the curriculum vitae of the post-00s. With the trend of the times, the new generation has gained more space to display.

On October 23, 2019, the future spacecraft model design and production competition was held in Binjiang sub center of Hangzhou Youth Activity Center

Leaving aside stereotypes and labels, what we can see is the post-00s who act autonomously. They are no longer naive and ignorant children, but sober and upward individuals.

This years national day, with pure childrens clothing and Netease, now launched the H5 interactive page of I speak for Chinese teenagers. In the game, you can change into what you think is the most juvenile feeling clothes and choose different cities to speak for Chinese teenagers.

Whether you are after 00-20 or 80-90, including 30-70, you can speak for the new generation of Chinese teenagers who are against the sky by moving your fingers. In this era when the generation is stronger than the other generation, its better to turn Koi after 00, so that more people can get their vitality and enterprising spirit.

Put on the pure childrens clothing, create your youth image. No matter how old you are, you can surf together.

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