French bloggers Grandmas shirt is too gorgeous, gentle and retro

 French bloggers Grandmas shirt is too gorgeous, gentle and retro

On the choice of grandmas shirt, Camille prefers various soft colors, such as basic color, retro color or light color, such as beige, pink, indigo, light green or light gray, which is gentle and clean enough, combined with short version, delicate soft glutinous and retro.

Light grey short granny shirt with Retro Blue High Waisted jeans, gold earrings to enhance the luster, the basic piece of the shape is very stylish.

After the beige short pastoral style granny shirt is overlaid with flower patterns, it is full of pastoral flavor and becomes more gentle and playful with beige color.

The black T-shirt with red cuffs and pockets enhances the retro feel of the piece. When paired with blue high waisted jeans, Camille, a 158CM tall blogger, can easily improve her body proportions.

In addition to soft beige and light pink, retro color is also the color system favored by Camille, such as Retro Red and retro green, which have both charm and elegance.

In terms of collocation, bloggers often use high waisted retro style jeans combined with knitted grandmas shirts, such as smoke pipe nine point jeans, retro Jeans Straight pants, etc., to make the shape simple and easy.

White hollowed out thin T-shirt collar superimposed with petals immediately adds a bit of playfulness and sweetness. White high waist jeans join the top to form a white look, which is pure and clean enough.

In addition to grandmas shirts, sea soul shirts, Retro High Waisted jeans or suits are also very common in Camilles wear, which is classic and stylish.

The black short leather coat is overlapped with the red and white striped sea soul shirt, and the high waisted jeans are connected with the knitted inner part to improve the body proportion. The shape is simple, retro and cool.

Basic color + basic French suit is retro and nostalgic. Combined with the neat and simple style of the suit, it can easily concave casual and comfortable, which can not only wear casual and comfortable, but also improve temperament.

This black suit has a double breasted design to enhance the luster. The beige V-neck and blue jeans are gentle and simple.

Grid element is classic, durable and fashionable. It can not only break the boring of solid color system, but also add a little yuppie. This Plaid suit is loose in shape, comfortable and comfortable on the upper body, which will not give people a tight visual experience. After folding the white shirt, it can enhance the brightness, and form a blue and white color with high waist jeans, which is fresh and gentle.

Basic color + basic French style suit is versatile and practical, especially in black, khaki or camel colors. Simple matching with jeans of the same color or blue jeans is low-key but without losing texture.

The thousand bird grid elements and grid elements are generally durable and retro, and have a little more modern and advanced feeling. Combined with the long coat of suit version, it is easy to wear the heavy feeling of autumn.

In addition to qianniao long coat, pure color coat is also a favorite style of bloggers, especially the calm and generous black department. This black long coat is cut neatly and has a texture of fabric. It is suitable for autumn and winter. It is immediately more delicate when it is paired with a brown bag. If you like the soft and casual, sweet and lazy French style, you might as well refer to this bloggers clothes in autumn! Plate it, simple age reduction, easy beauty!