Nokia announced it will become BTs largest equipment supplier

 Nokia announced it will become BTs largest equipment supplier

The British government announced in July that the UK mobile operator would ban the purchase of new Huawei 5g devices after December 31 this year and must remove all 5g devices of the Chinese company from its network by 2027.

The decision effectively ended BTs strong partnership with Huawei since 2005, the BBC reported.

Expand cooperation

Earlier this year, BT said about a third of its 4G sites, which are being upgraded to 5g, use Nokia devices, while the rest use Huawei devices.

At present, Nokias devices cover EE customers in parts of London, central and rural areas. Through the latest cooperation agreement, BT will adopt Nokia devices in more towns, including Aberdeen, Cambridge, Dundee, Exeter, Southampton and York.

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Reuters reported that it covered about 11600 sites.

This means that Nokia now accounts for about two-thirds of BT wireless access network devices.

Due to the decision of the government, some of Huaweis equipment will inevitably be replaced, said John Delaney, an analyst at IDC Telecom. The biggest change is that BT didnt plan to use Nokias devices in densely populated areas, but now they do. But apart from that, its not very different from their previous plans.

In the next phase of our successful partnership with Nokia, we will continue to lead the launch of fixed and mobile networks to provide customers with an excellent experience, BT CEO Philip Jansen said in a statement

Nokia president Pekka lundmark said he was pleased to be BTs largest infrastructure partner..

A Huawei spokesman said reducing the number of infrastructure equipment suppliers could delay the launch of 5g and undermine the diversity of supply that is critical to network security..

Openran test

BT has previously chosen Ericsson, another Nordic telecom equipment supplier, to replace Huaweis equipment in its core network.

Ericsson is the most promising company to become BTs second RAN equipment supplier, but Ericsson may still lag behind Nokia in providing 5g antennas and base stations.

The cooperation agreement between Nokia and BT also mentioned that the two sides will jointly develop openran ecosystem.

Vodafone has tested openran technology in Wales.

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