The United States again pressed Europe to exclude Huawei 5g equipment

 The United States again pressed Europe to exclude Huawei 5g equipment

Source: Reuters

Krasch stepped up the warning as Germany and Italy were considering 5g networks, his first visit to European capitals since the outbreak in March hindered travel.

Krasch said Finlands Nokia and Swedens Ericsson were the companies European countries should choose. Huaweis participation in the construction of 5g network in Europe will threaten national security and list Huawei and ZTE as untrusted high-risk suppliers.

Whether Huawei will be allowed to participate in 5g network construction has not been decided in Germany and Italy. Despite the double pressure from the United States and Germany, German Chancellor Angela Merkel still insists on her position that she does not agree to a formal ban on Huawei.

As for Italy, it has been reported that Italy is considering whether to exclude Huawei from its 5g network construction because of concerns that it may pave the way for China to spy on key western telecom infrastructure. In addition, Tim, Italys largest telecom operator, has excluded Huawei from bidding for 5g equipment for its core network to be built in Italy and Brazil.

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