Game 50: Zhan Huangs 25 + 13 + 9 controls the field and gains 3 points

 Game 50: Zhan Huangs 25 + 13 + 9 controls the field and gains 3 points

But compared with the heat, the offense of the Lakers is still inferior, because the inside defense is completely penetrated. After the heats wave of 13-0, the Lakers seemed to know that the trouble was big, and the second half of the quarter also became their time to chase points. Although LeBron was resting, Davis and Popper did close up. After LeBron returned, he caused Adebayors foul under the basket. The two free throws were all in, and the Lakers finally completed the anti surpass. He made only one shot in the first quarter, scoring 5 points, 2 rebounds and 3 assists.

However, the Lakers did not keep the advantage for too long. In the second quarter, the heat relied on Hiros three-point opposition again. LeBron, with his substitute, was looking for opportunities for his teammates. However, the heats momentum of fearless tigers was enough to make the Lakers take a cold sweat. 7:17, LeBron helped green hit three more points, and the Lakers also started a wave of unreasonable three-point tide, opened the score again.

The Lakers have a good sense of three-way break-up. The sudden burst of green, Morris and Davis on the outside made the Lakers open the score. LeBron made igordala foul before the end of the half-time. He got 9 points, 6 rebounds and 7 assists in the first half, and has made a triple double.

In the third quarter of 11:29, LeBron made three points, and then the Lakers hit 8-0, pulling the points to 21. Davis completely dominated the basketball, after making Claude fouls, he continued to fight for the front court board and forced to make up the basket. The heat seems to have lost and let the Lakers pull the gap.

The heat seemed to wake up in the fourth quarter, playing 8-0 to reduce the difference to 20 points. LeBron assisted Morris with three points in 9:33 and broke through the dunk in 7:19. Six minutes and nineteen seconds, he hit the middle again. But after the second half of the heat rely on rookie nun and Herros efforts to keep close to the score.

In the last two minutes, the Lakers led by 15 points, but LeBron came out and hit the basket in a row. After these two goals, the game officially entered garbage time.