Its better to buy funds than to speculate in stocks! A-share index fell more than 40percent, stock base doubled

 Its better to buy funds than to speculate in stocks! A-share index fell more than 40percent, stock base doubled

Affected by the new crown epidemic and international friction, 2020 will undoubtedly be a difficult year. However, the overall performance of a shares is good. The CSI 300 index rose by 11.98% in the first three quarters. In this process, the performance of public funds is excellent. The active equity funds as a whole get 34% income, and the top 50 active equity funds are listed.

Nearly 30% performance of active equity funds in the first three quarters

In 2020, the A-share market as a whole once showed a wave of extreme structural market, with technology, consumption, medicine and other fields rising steadily, especially the leading stocks. However, the cyclical fields such as banking and real estate were flat. However, with the adjustment of pharmaceutical and science and technology sectors in the market in the past month or so, the undervalued plate has performed recently, and this structural difference has converged.

Therefore, the performance of the first three quarters has changed the situation of dominating the list of funds in the pharmaceutical industry, and the overall fund style is more balanced. However, a number of funds that seize market opportunities such as science and technology, medicine and consumption are still ranked higher.

From the mainstream index point of view, this years best performance is the gem index, which can be described as superb performance. The gem index rose as high as 43.19% in the year, and frequently reached new highs in July and August. Other indexes, such as Shanghai Composite Index, Shenzhen composite index, Shanghai Shenzhen 300 index and small and medium board index, have also performed well since this year, with increases of 5.51%, 23.74%, 11.98% and 30.75%.

Public funds in the first three quarters of the overall hand over a not weak report card, continue to stage the stock market is better than buy funds strength. According to wind information data, as of September 30, the average yield of equity funds (including mixed funds, stock funds and index funds; excluding the newly established funds and graded funds this year, only the master fund is calculated, and the net value is calculated as of September 30 products). The overall performance is better than that of Shanghai stock index, Shanghai Shenzhen 300 and Shenzhen composite index.

If the index fund with passive investment is excluded, the annual return rate of active equity fund reaches 29.37%, which can be increased compared with the small and medium-sized board index. The average return of the fund with the lowest position of 60% is 37.99%, while the average yield of the ordinary stock fund with the lowest position of 80% is 38.08%, and the overall income is considerable.

Top 50 list coming out

According to the first industry index of CITIC Securities, as of September 30, the best performance index since this year was consumer service, with an increase of 59.87%, followed by food and beverage, with an increase of 49.71%. In addition, the growth rate of national defense and military industry, power equipment, new energy and medicine also exceeded 40%.

Public funds that seize this structural opportunity perform well in the first three quarters. From the perspective of active equity funds, the best performance this year is Guangfa high-end manufacturing. This fund was established on September 1, 2017, and its performance has reached 95.68% since this year. Its fund managers are sun Di and Zheng chengran. From the perspective of the quarterly report of the fund, it mainly focused on the layout of photovoltaic, military, electronic and other sectors, especially increased the proportion of photovoltaic configuration in the second quarter to seize market opportunities.

Industry insiders said that in the early stage of this year, the structural market of science and technology, consumption and medicine was significant, and nearly one or two market styles changed, and military industry, photovoltaic and other fields also showed performance. Therefore, fund managers seizing market opportunities are emerging. At the same time, from the perspective of public funds as a whole, through in-depth research, they are constantly creating investment value, which is an important reason for the obvious excess return of public funds this year.

Top 50 active equity fund returns in the first three quarters

If we lengthen the time, the A-share market since October 1, 2017 is more about the digestion of the previous wave of bull market and the brewing of a new wave of bull market, which is reflected in a wave of structural market. In these three years, the market of value leading stocks appeared obviously, and a wave of high-quality stocks in the fields of consumption, medicine, science and technology performed better.

From the index point of view, the Shanghai Composite Index also fell by 3.91%, but the gem index increased by 37.91%, which highlights the structural differences in the market structure in these three years. During this period, the overall performance of public funds is really good, especially in 2019, it obviously outperforms the major mainstream indexes of that year.

From the current performance point of view, active equity funds can basically kill all mainstream indexes. In recent three years, the yield of active equity funds reached 48.44%, better than the gem index. The average return of partial stock mixed fund and common stock fund is more than 60%, reaching 60.49% and 63.01%.

It is worth mentioning that the performance of active equity funds in recent three years is also significantly better than that of index products, which means that fund managers have obvious excess returns through active stock selection.

Among them, the best performance is Wells Fargo new power, the fund has tripled in recent three years, with a yield of 204.27%. In addition, a number of funds in the field of medicine, such as Guangfa healthcare, BOCOM pharmaceutical innovation, China EU medical health, RONGTONG health industry, etc. In addition, Haifutongs domestic demand hotspots and Qianhais open source of Chinas scarce assets also performed well.

Top 50 active equity fund returns in recent three years

The overall income of active equity funds has doubled in recent five years

In 2016, after the circuit breaker occurred at the beginning of 2016, the market sentiment was once panicked, but then gradually stabilized, with a small fluctuation upward trend. During this period, there were also periodic market conditions, but on the whole, the structural market has been more obvious since the fourth quarter of 2018. During this period, the performance of public funds was significantly better than that of the market, which almost ushered in the golden age of equity public funds.

The data shows that in the past five years, CSI 300 has increased by 43.22%, but the overall return of public funds is as high as 76.77%. More importantly, the returns of partial stock mixed funds and common stock funds have reached 95.65% and 105.42%.

In terms of specific products, among the equity funds, the best performance is China Merchants liquor. The performance of the fund master fund has exceeded 400% in recent five years, and the yield has reached 410.81%. From the perspective of active equity funds, Yinhua fufu, Jingshun Great Wall Dingyi, Huaan ecological priority, e-fund medium and small cap, Wanjia industry optimization, e-fonda consumer industry, Fuguo new power a, Jingshun Great Wall emerging growth, Cinda Aoyin new energy industry, huitianfu consumer industry, etc., have a yield of more than 250%.

Top 50 active equity fund returns in recent five years