Huaye annihilated 32676 people of 74th division and seized only 10000 guns? Where are the weapons

 Huaye annihilated 32676 people of 74th division and seized only 10000 guns? Where are the weapons

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This involves the issue of common sense in war. The army has its own characteristics in weapon distribution and staffing: there are 32000 people in zhanglingfus reorganized 74th division, but it does not mean that more than 30000 people are front-line fighters, and not everyone in the army needs to be equipped with guns. As many people as there are guns is a kind of logic that some friends take for granted when they watch movies, TV dramas or historical materials. The actual deviation is very large. In modern times, the ratio of man to gun was far less than 100%, usually about 40%. Not only in China, but also in European and American powers, including Japanese invaders, the ratio of real people to guns is not high. Naturally, there are reasons for this, which will be explained in detail below. Cant afford a gun? Of course not. The conditions of the Red Army and our troops during the Anti Japanese war were indeed very difficult, and it was difficult for the front-line troops to be equipped with sufficient guns and ammunition. However, this was certainly not the reason for the KMT army. If a trump card unit like the 74th division was reorganized, there was no difficulty at all, and the problem was unnecessary.

Take an easy to understand example: for example, when the troops march, the KMT army usually has four soldiers carrying a heavy machine gun and struggling forward. At this time, do they still have the ability to operate other firearms? In order to fight a real war, the national army needs more than 100 machine gun companies to control six heavy machine guns. Ammunition supply, logistics and maintenance need to be coordinated. This is the real war. So its not that such soldiers cant be equipped with individual guns, but its not necessary. This is true for machine gunners, especially for armored, artillery, cooks, and medics. The mixed forces pay more attention to cooperation and give full play to their effectiveness, rather than a single shot per hand.

So its not that Hua Ye captured too little, but that the enemy has so many individual weapons. Not only was the capture rate very low in Menglianggu campaign, such as the famous Liaoshen campaign Jinzhou battle, the Northeast Field Army annihilated more than 100000 troops of fan Hanjie group, but also seized more than 40000 guns, accounting for only 40% of the total; the whole Liaoshen campaign annihilated more than 470000 enemies, but Dongye seized less than 190000 guns in total, which shows the same problem: in the mixed army, soldiers The proportion of guns is not high. Of course, when Hua Ye annihilated and reorganized the 74th division, hundreds of thousands of Kuomintang troops outside Menglianggu were approaching, and time was pressing. In order to get out of the battlefield as soon as possible, some of the spoils of war might have been missed by Huaye, but it was not the main reason.

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