First, observe Xi Jinpings advocacy of harmony of all things.

 First, observe Xi Jinpings advocacy of harmony of all things.

In September 30th, at the United Nations biodiversity summit, President Xi Jinping first proposed this important initiative.

All things grow together without harming each other, and Tao runs parallel without contradicting each other. Since ancient times, Chinese people have been observing natural phenomena, thinking about the law of the worlds operation, and realizing the philosophy of life contained in it.

Today, Chinese leaders expound the concept of harmony of all things in the United Nations Forum, which not only reflects the observation of biodiversity, but also conveys profound thinking on the future trend of human society.

A winter scene of Metasequoia glyptostroboides wetland in Kunming, Yunnan Province (photo of UAV on January 5, 2019). Photo by Qin Qing, a reporter from Xinhua News Agency

If things are not in order, they are the feelings of things. In the world view of Chinese people, diversity is the original appearance of the world. Not only the biological world and nature should be colorful, but also human society and civilization should be diversified.

Harmony of all things is exactly the Chinese philosophy and poetic expression of this ubiquitous and ever present diversity.

Today, human beings are facing the severe challenge of biodiversity loss. A report recently released by the United Nations is worrying: most of the 20 goals for protecting species and the ecological environment, which were originally scheduled for 2020, have not been achieved. The degradation of ecological environment is ringing the alarm to human beings in various painful ways.

Todays human beings are also faced with the challenge of the diversity of development path, lifestyle, cultural civilization and other fields. Some big powers believe that Whoever has a big fist will listen to him. The Cold War mentality, zero sum logic and the counter current of unilateralism and protectionism are surging

To fish with all our efforts, to hunt by burning the forest The sharp decrease of biodiversity and the deterioration of ecological environment are rooted in peoples selfishness and shortsightedness. To make friends with ones neighbor, retreat from the group and break the contract The current international chaos is also closely related to the shortsightedness and selfishness of some people.

This is a clown fish symbiotic with anemone in the waters of Wuzhizhou Island, Sanya, Hainan Province, China on May 28, 2020. Photo by Yang Guanyu, a reporter from Xinhua News Agency

First of all, it is the harmony of species and species, which outlines a good ecological picture of the earths life community;

It is also a harmony among different countries, nations and civilizations, showing a bright future of a community of shared destiny for mankind

Sublime words with deep meaning are the decisive words made by President Xi Jinping in his speech.

Mankind is at a new historical crossroads. No matter how to deal with the ecological environment crisis or solve the crux of international relations, we need to stand on the height of responsibility for human civilization, transcend traditional thinking, and seek new ideas and new solutions.

Harmony of all things is Chinas thinking and answer. It is not only about the wisdom of ecological civilization, but also about the wisdom of human existence.