Experts from the General Administration of public opinion held a meeting: too much debt in the early stage can help athletes prolong their sports life

 Experts from the General Administration of public opinion held a meeting: too much debt in the early stage can help athletes prolong their sports life

What is the role of basic physical fitness? Yin Jun, a professor at capital sports university and head of the Chinese delegations expert group on physical fitness for the Rio Olympics, said: strengthening basic physical training can help athletes improve their skills, temper their willpower, maintain their mental state, prevent sports injuries and help high-level athletes extend their sports life. Even after retirement, they will not be affected by sports injuries

However, Yin Jun also said that most of the current domestic athletes in the basic physical training, early debt is too much, usually special skills occupy 80% - 90% of their training time, which also leads to the introduction of physical fitness test standards, many athletes will have great psychological pressure, and faced with domestic and foreign competition tasks, some coaches for the allocation of training time, also for a while Cant change ideas.

In fact, during the Tokyo Olympic Games, the General Administration of sport put forward the idea that strengthening basic physical training, evil complement can short board is not a hot idea. Liu Aijie, chairman of China Rowing Association and China Canoeing Association, talked about a very important background. China had a perfect three-level training network 20 or 30 years ago, and many children had special training since childhood. But now many athletes are only 15 or 16 years old when they are discovered to have potential and start training again. This leads to the problem of physical fitness shortage, especially the basic physical fitness, which is more prominent than before. After the issuance of the basic physical training standards, the average score of some national teams in the initial test was less than 50 points, and after several months of surprise, the average score could reach about 80 points, which fully reflected the actual situation of early debt.

Liu Aijie also said: during the new years day of 2019, we went to the training base of the British Rowing Association to study. With other peoples training indicators, we assessed more than 100 players of our national team. Only one of them met the entry standard of the British team, which is the difference in physical fitness. After finding the problem, the team began to pay close attention to physical fitness, and now the womens team has reached 100% of the British teams physical fitness test standard. And the mens team, which started training recently, nearly 80% of the team reached the standard. After basic physical training, the Chinese rowing and canoeing teams have also made outstanding progress in the world championships. In last years World Championships, China won seven Championships in rowing and canoeing, including four Olympic events.

Maybe some people will think that rowing and canoeing are sports with great physical demands. Some relatively static movements may not be so demanding, but they are not.

For shooting and archery, which is generally believed to be relatively static, in fact, for high-level archers, the physical requirements are very high. Liang Chun, director of the shooting and archery management center of the General Administration of sport of China, said: in order to achieve good results, the consistency, stability, persistence, endurance, energy, concentration and persistence of movements are very high. In particular, since the Tokyo Olympic Games, IAAF and IAAF have adjusted the competition events and rules, adding mixed regiment events and firing numbers of shooting events. In the past, womens three postures were 3 u00d7 20, but now they are 3 u00d7 40. In the flying saucer event, the number of 75 targets is increased to 125. Therefore, the competition time for athletes has been prolonged a lot. At the beginning, athletes can have two events at most, and excellent athletes can do three events at the same time, which puts forward higher requirements for special strength, endurance and balance ability of high-level athletes It is on the basis of strengthening physical training that the Chinese shooting and archery team has achieved excellent results in the past two years. The archery team also won the mens team gold medal in the world championships for the first time.

This time, the social attention of the problems occurred in the event, including gymnastics, track and field and swimming and other events. In this forum, Miao Zhongyi, director of the gymnastics management center of the General Administration of sport of the peoples Republic of China, said that in fact, through more than half a years hard work on physical fitness, it was of great help for the team to improve the technical strength of various projects. To be honest, there is a clear gap between us and the worlds first-class level and world champions. However, through this period of time to focus on physical fitness, the teams overall basic ability has been significantly improved, which is of great help to the next team in winter training difficulty Said Miao Zhongyi. For the National Gymnastics Championship, he also said that some of the complete sets of events belong to the world-class level, such as the uneven bars. In the past, only a handful of people could achieve 6 points. Now, the 6.5 set that can be comparable to the world-class difficulty level can be completed by many people. On the balance beam of traditional advantage events, in the past, the complete set was around 6.0 and 6.2, and the complete set of 7.1 appeared in this competition, which laid the foundation for Chinas gymnastics to strive for good results in the Olympic Games in the future.

Since February 2020, the official website of the General Administration of sport of the peoples Republic of China issued the notice of the general office of the General Administration of sport on Further Strengthening the basic physical training to make up for the short board of physical fitness, and formulated the scoring standard for the physical fitness test of the national team (February 2020). All national teams and provincial and municipal local teams have made good use of the time of more than half a year to pay close attention to the basic physical training, and achieved good results Experts from all walks of life who participated in the forum gave their affirmation.

According to he Wenge, deputy director of Hebei Provincial Sports Bureau, although there are different opinions on the standard setting of different events for different groups of people, physical training is very important for the overall development of physical fitness, the improvement of special ability and the prevention of injury and disease in the later stage. The next step is to combine the practical situation to further make the basic physical fitness and special physical fitness better convergence.

Yu Hongchen, vice president of China Track and Field Association, said that he would design the 2.0 version of physical fitness test or even the 3.0 version specially built on the model of champion, and would hold the physical fitness standard competition and special standard competition before next years National Games. Chen yingbiao, director of the small ball sports management center of the General Administration of sport of the peoples Republic of China and President of the China Rugby Association, plans to adopt new methods in the future national competitions, add special tests to the existing physical fitness test items, and formulate a competition system higher than international standards for high resistance team events, so as to improve the teams ability at critical moments.

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