These four kinds of men are good at using emotions. Girls with these three characteristics are most likely to be stereotyped by them

 These four kinds of men are good at using emotions. Girls with these three characteristics are most likely to be stereotyped by them

When Chen Baolian was four years old, her parents divorced because of emotional problems, and she naturally awarded it to her mother because she was still young.

But her mother only cares about her own food, drink and play, and doesnt want to take a drag on her daughter, so she has been put in her grandmothers home in Shanghai.

It was not until she was 12 that her mother brought her to Hong Kong, China, but it was the beginning of her tragic fate.

Her mother brought her to Hong Kong, China, just for her to make money in an adult movie, after she was forced to make her first naked play in her life.

Chen Baolian has lost hope for life, until she was 20 years old, she did not know the Savior of life is also the disaster star Huang Renzhong.

For Chen Baolian, a 20-year-old girl who has suffered a lot, Huang Renzhong is really a God who came down to earth and saved her from the fire and water.

At the beginning, Huang Renzhong was very attentive to her and cared for her everywhere.

Although it was just a few days of getting along with each other, Chen Baolian, who had never felt love, fell into it completely and began her more miserable life.

As a rich man, Huang Renzhong certainly cant stick to a woman. When he is with Chen Baolian, he is also with other women.

Chen Baolian, who is eager for emotional value, cant stand it. She makes a lot of noise every day, trying to restore Huang Renzhongs heart, but pushes the man further and further.

After the two men officially broke up, Chen Baolian was abandoned. She broke up with different men.

Finally, at the age of 29, he committed suicide by jumping from a building, ending his life.

Chen Baolians miserable life.

She is very sympathetic but not sympathetic. Her later series of tragedies is largely due to her original family.

Because of the misfortune of her original family, she was extremely eager for emotional value, so she was desperate to stick to Huang Renzhong.


What kind of girls are more eager for emotional value?

In life, there are many girls who are eager for emotional value. They are often more likely to become the target of some dregs. There are mainly the following categories.

1. Simple girls who are not familiar with the world

This kind of girl is usually very young, also very simple, and has not had the emotion experience.

For feelings and emotional value, they are obtained from the romance novels or Korean dramas that they come into contact with.

Simple they think that love is romantic, is to let people pay all for it.

Its easy to believe a man, as long as the man is a little bit good to her, its easy to fall in.

They are also good at filling their own brains with love.

Make a handsome prince charming from a slovenly man in real life.

At the same time, after they identify a man, they will pay for each other without reservation.

2. The girl who is in the lovelorn period with empty heart

This kind of girl may have just experienced a failed relationship and is now in a very empty heart.

Because they are eager for emotional value, they have a very obvious weakness, that is, as long as there is a man to them, they will be trapped.

They will treat the men who are courteous to them at this time as the kind people who come to give them timely help.

They have lost their ability to distinguish men because of their desire for emotional value.

Maybe we can see at a glance that this man is just saying nice things, but for them, it is right for them to talk with them.

3. The girl who has the heart of fraternity to everyone

No matter what happens, they are used to choosing to consider from the perspective of others. They are the same fraternity to all people, including the slag man.

They are usually easy to pity slag man, but also very confident that they can make slag man repent.

Let them believe that they were forced before, and now they will certainly make a change. They will easily fall into it after hearing this.


How to avoid the trap of slag man?

It is ironic that girls eager for emotional value are not easy to get mens sympathy and true love, but more likely to become the target of slag men.

The following four kinds of slag male trap, eager for emotional value of girls to be careful.

1. I cant wait to confirm the relationship after seeing a few meetings

Before meeting a girl, he expressed his love to the girl by sending flowers, gifts, and taking him to and from work.

If a girl asks a boy, we dont know enough, why do you like me so much and treat me so well?

After listening to this sweet talk, many girls who are eager for emotional value will fall into it.

However, within a month, the boy will feel bored and choose other prey.

Therefore, this kind of boy doesnt really love girls. He just casts a net at girls who are eager for emotional value. Whoever gets hooked first will play with others. If he gets tired of it, he will change another one.

Therefore, even if it is really lack of love, do not believe what love at first sight, do not fall into the slag mans love trap.

2. Married men who are skilled in routine

For many girls eager for emotional value, those married men who are very proficient in love routines will make them totally overwhelmed.

This is a trap that many girls who have experienced long-distance love running and are unfortunately lovelorn fall into.

A girl in an empty window period, eager for emotional value, at this time there is a man who takes good care of himself.

Send flowers to order cakes for birthday, aunt to boil brown sugar water, go to work to order takeout, this kind of very skilled men, will use gentle offensive to break the defense line of girls.

When girls ask why they are so skilled, men will show modesty: because they like you will be so attentive.

When the girls fall in and give up on them, men start to pull out because they are married men.

They just enjoy the process of conquering and capturing women just because of the emptiness of their marriage. When women get hooked, they will abandon them and choose other women.

Because theyre married, its impossible to give women the commitment they want.

Therefore, girls should understand that this mans consideration is not born, nor meet you only have, but in the field of love practice.

3. Make use of girls sympathy to pretend to be pitiful

Their previous emotional life may be very chaotic, in addition to the wife at home, there are three small four outside, will often exercise domestic violence.

A man who was originally a slag to the thorough man, but if he met the girl who was overflowing with the virgin heart, he would start to pretend to be poor.

They will say to the girls, in the past, life was forced, now I meet you, I want to change myself and be with you, I will change, you believe me..

The virgin girl who yearns for emotional value will feel that this man is really repentant. He will change for himself and feel that he has saved the man.

In fact, its just a disguise tool for men. After they get rid of girls, they will become worse and worse than before.

Therefore, it is better to believe that there are ghosts in the world than to believe that men will change their words.

4. Put all the bad behaviors down to uncontrollable

This kind of man can say that no matter what kind of misbehavior he has done to a girl, he can use himself as an excuse.

For example, the first time we meet, we touch the girls hand. If we dont see both sides, we will kiss the girl. In a few days, we want to have a relationship. When the girl cant accept it, we have to refuse.

Because they are very eager to love, if there is a man so easy to express love to themselves.

They will believe that the man really loves her, and they will fall into it completely.

However, true love is restraint and attention.

Its not true love to rely on satisfying body desire. They just want to coax girls to achieve their desired goals, and they are just playing with girls.

Girls who are eager for emotional value are more sensitive and emotional.

For example, keep a cat with you, or cook a few dishes to make yourself happy.

Girls only learn to love themselves, others will love you.

If you really feel a lot of pressure in your life, you can release yourself by talking to friends or relatives.

Never put all the emotions of the whole person into a slag mans body.

Leave the slag man who uses the emotional routine girl and cherish himself.

Author Shi Qian