Look! Tianwen No.1 sent back to take photos on the way to the fire!

 Look! Tianwen No.1 sent back to take photos on the way to the fire!

This is the first time that Chinas tianwen-1 probe has taken a deep space self-image. In the vast universe, the silver landing patrol device and golden encircling device are shining. Tianwen-1 is used to report safety to the motherland and express birthday wishes.

The size of the five-star red flag on the detector is about 39 cm u00d7 26 cm, which is slightly smaller than a piece of A3 paper and weighs 144 g. the pattern is sprayed by special overprint process with special materials.

The flight image is taken by a separate measurement sensor carried by the detector. The sensor is installed on the outer wall of the detector and separated from the detector body under the ground control. Two wide-angle lenses installed on both sides of the sensor are used to take an image per second. The image is transmitted to the detector through WiFi communication, and then transmitted to the ground station by the detector.

The tianwen-1 probe was successfully launched on July 23, and was directly put into the earth fire transfer orbit by the Long March 5 carrier rocket. During the flight, it has successfully completed the Earth Moon group photo acquisition, two orbit midway correction and load self-test. As of the early morning of October 1, the probe has flown 188 million kilometers, 24.1 million kilometers away from the earth, flying in good condition.