Is Chinas vaccine pricing significantly higher than that of European and American vaccines? Chinese side: there is no basis for this statement

 Is Chinas vaccine pricing significantly higher than that of European and American vaccines? Chinese side: there is no basis for this statement

Wang Wenbin: we are firmly opposed to the US personnel taking China as an example in the election campaign. Facts have proved that the US accusation against China has no factual basis and is untenable.

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CCTV reporter: Recently, it has been reported in the media that the price of vaccines in China is significantly higher than that in Europe and the United States. What is the spokesmans comment on this?

Egypts Middle East News Agency: yesterday, the Emir palace of Kuwait issued a statement announcing the death of Emir Sabah due to illness. Kuwaits crown prince Nawaf has been appointed the new Emir. What is Chinas comment on this?

Wang Wenbin: the Emir of Sabah is a leader deeply loved by the Kuwaitis people and respected by the international community. He has played an important role in the development and prosperity of Kuwait and peace and stability in the Middle East, and has made important contributions to the development of China Kuwait relations. The Chinese side expresses deep sorrow over his tragic death and sincere sympathy to the government and people of Kuwait and the relatives of the Emir of Sabah. China congratulates Kuwaits new highness Emir Nawaf.

Wang Wenbin: at present, China and India are holding the 19th meeting of the working mechanism on border affairs consultation and coordination. The meeting focused on the implementation of the five point consensus reached at the Moscow meeting of the foreign ministers of the two countries, studying and solving the remaining problems in the field, and promoting the relaxation and cooling of the border situation between China and India.

CCTV: China and the League of Arab States yesterday held a video conference of health experts from China and Arab States. Could you give us some details?

Wang Wenbin: on September 29, the Ministry of foreign affairs of China, together with the National Health Commission and the Ministry of science and technology, held a video conference of health experts from China and Arab countries, attended by heads and experts from the Secretariat of the League of Arab States and health departments of 10 Arab countries. The novel coronavirus pneumonia risk assessment and classification prevention and control, vaccine research and development and new crown virus toxicity evolution were discussed in detail. The Arab side spoke highly of Chinas positive achievements in epidemic prevention and control and vaccine research and development, appreciated Chinas important contribution to global anti epidemic work, and appreciated Chinas valuable help and beneficial reference for Arab countries in their anti epidemic work.

Chinas Arabia stand together through storm and stress, and novel coronavirus pneumonia, as president Xi Jinping sent to the ninth ministerial meeting of the China Arab Cooperation Forum, has shown that China and the Republic of China are in the same boat and look forward to their close cooperation. The video conference is the second time that China and Argentina have held a video conference on health experts this year. It is also another special exchange between the two sides on how to deal with the epidemic situation after the video seminar on resuming work and giving birth last week. So far, China has provided more than 1 million test kits and 18 million masks to Arab countries. The two sides have held more than 40 expert video conferences. China has sent medical expert groups to eight Arab countries to share diagnosis and treatment plans and treatment experience without reservation. China has carried out vaccine cooperation with UAE, Bahrain, Morocco, Egypt and other countries. Among them, the third phase clinical trial of new crown inactivated vaccine with UAE has made the most rapid progress. So far, more than 30000 people have been vaccinated.

In the next stage, China will continue to share information with Algeria in a variety of ways according to the needs of the Algerian side, strengthen anti epidemic cooperation, work together to promote epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development, jointly implement the outcomes of the ministerial meeting of the forum, and make joint efforts to build a community of common destiny and a community of health and health between China and Argentina.

Shenzhen satellite TV: the World Bank released an economic report on East Asia and the Pacific on the 28th, raising Chinas economic growth forecast to 2% this year, one percentage point higher than that expected in June. The World Bank forecasts that Chinas economy will grow by 7.9% next year, taking into account positive factors such as the advent of vaccines and sustained economic recovery. Under the background of the epidemic aggravating the downward pressure on the world economy, the world bank still raises its expectation on Chinas economic growth. What do you think Chinas economic growth means to the worlds economic recovery?

Wang Wenbin: the report released by the world bank shows that the international community highly affirms the remarkable achievements made by China in comprehensively promoting epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development. The sustained stabilization and recovery of Chinas economy has played a more prominent role in promoting world economic growth, which is of positive significance for boosting global market confidence.

Chinas enterprises invested one belt, one road, and other countries along the line for 11 billion 800 million yuan in the first 8 months of this year, up 31.5% from the same period last year. In the first half of this year, Chinas investment in ASEAN reached US $6.23 billion, up 53.1% year-on-year; from January to August this year, the total trade volume between China and ASEAN reached 416.5 billion US dollars, an increase of 3.8% against the trend, realizing the historic breakthrough that both sides are the largest trading partners of each other. In the first six months of this year, China Europe train transport import and export goods increased by 30% year-on-year, becoming the iron and steel camel team to stabilize the international supply chain.

It can be predicted that the accelerated recovery of Chinas economy will provide more opportunities for expanding Sino foreign economic and trade cooperation, inject more impetus into the global recovery, and bring more confidence to the people of the world.

Finally, I would like to announce a notice:

Tomorrow we will celebrate the 71st anniversary of the founding of the peoples Republic of China and the Mid Autumn Festival. According to the holiday arrangements for the national day and Mid Autumn Festival in 2020, the routine press conference of the Ministry of foreign affairs will be suspended from October 1 to 8 and resume on October 9 (Friday). During the recess, the foreign ministry spokesmans office will receive questions from reporters through fax, email and wechat as usual.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your long-term attention and coverage of China and Chinas diplomacy. We welcome all of you to report truthfully, objectively and comprehensively on China and Chinas diplomacy. We will continue to actively facilitate and assist in this regard.

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When will it be hard? For those who do not use the mainland, Taiwan has only one choice for the nine vaccines in the world

According to the global times, Chen Shizhong, Taiwans Minister of health and welfare, in a speech on September 25, publicly declared that he would not use the new crown vaccine developed by the mainland. In this regard, people from the blue camp criticized Chen Shizhong, saying that this would put Taiwan in a situation where there was no vaccine to choose from and buy, and warned Chen not to be politicized.

Subsequently, Taiwans United News Network also criticized Chen Shizhong on September 27, and analyzed the consequences of this decision. At present, nine vaccines have entered the clinical trial stage in the world, four of which were developed in mainland China. In addition, Russia has developed one vaccine, and European and American countries have developed four. However, three vaccines need to be transported under the ultra-low temperature of - 80 degrees. At present, Taiwan does not have the capacity to transport these three vaccines. That is, if the Taiwan authorities refuse to use the mainland vaccines, the Taiwan authorities will have only one vaccine to choose from. Nevertheless, Chen Shizhong still said that Taiwan authorities believed that the platform of global access mechanism for new coronal vaccine would make reasonable allocation.

It is reported that a total of 11 vaccines have been developed in mainland China, and 3 of the 4 vaccines that have entered the phase III clinical stage are inactivated vaccines and have been adenovirus vector vaccines. However, according to the data, the new crown vaccine developed in Taiwan is only in the first phase of clinical trial, and the follow-up research and development still needs to wait for the first batch of clinical results. It can be said that the development of the new crown vaccine is still far away.