Wu Lei Zhou Ji: football is the same as the country. Only when we are strong can we get respect

 Wu Lei Zhou Ji: football is the same as the country. Only when we are strong can we get respect

West Bs first away game. In fact, I didnt know much about Oviedo and this team before. Later I went to check it out and found out that Oviedo is the hometown of F1 champion driver Alonso, and they were also the Spanish team with 36 seasons of experience in La Liga.

The location of the city is in the northernmost province of Asturian, where Oviedo is the capital. By contrast, you may be more familiar with another port city in this province - Xihong, and the old-fashioned strong team Xihong sports should know more people in China.

Its a coincidence that gayego is now the head coach of Gijon athletic. They will also be a very strong competitor for us.

Our whole team arrived at the away game by plane the day before the game. This is the first time that I have been to the north. After getting off the plane, we are met by the continuous drizzle, which reminds me of the drizzle in Shanghai. By contrast, the rain in Barcelona is big, and sometimes the rain drops on my body like being hit by beans.

It is said that the average of 120 days a year in Asturian is rainy. On the way from the airport to the hotel by bus, I looked out of the window and felt that I was back in Switzerland last year. Except for the houses, almost all of them were surrounded by green, which was a little bit of a fairy tale town.

Of course, Im not here to travel. The ultimate goal is to compete on the court. To be honest, the team, including myself, played mediocre football, and the performance of the opponent reminded me of Alonsos comment on his hometown: my hometown Oviedo is a very traditional place, but people there have an upward struggle..

Fortunately, the final result is good, so we cant underestimate any team. For us, getting three points per game is always the most important task, but we still need to be patient on the field. Of course, in the West B platform, to win is the most important! Even more important than the scene process!

My family went back to Barcelona this week, and before they arrived, I spent half a day cleaning up the house, inside and outside. Im glad that when I got home, someone could cook for me. I havent seen the children for three months, and I feel inexplicably moved when I see them. After dinner, I simply stay with them, whether its lying on the sofa or going out for a walk. The children have grown up and become more sensible!

In two days is the Mid Autumn Festival, in fact, from small to large, various festivals are basically difficult to stay with your family, it should be said that they have been used to it for a long time, but in foreign countries, the feeling will still be somewhat different. This years Mid Autumn Festival and National Day are just the same day. After a long time outside, I really realize that it is not easy, football or country. Only when you are really strong can you In exchange for the respect of others. Wish our motherland more powerful.

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