Yunnan officials and their spouses reported assets of 150 million yuan and were arrested after they were arrested

 Yunnan officials and their spouses reported assets of 150 million yuan and were arrested after they were arrested

According to public information, he Rongqing, 42, once served as secretary of the Communist Youth League of Lancang County and Puer City, and is now Secretary of the Party committee of Puer City health school. His husband Zhao Yun is a member of the CPPCC Committee of Puer City, and has a number of enterprises. They were reported to have fabricated Jinsi nanmu Museum and other projects and assets, lured an enterprise in Qianxi county to invest, and then embezzled and misappropriated the investment funds.

The inventory report of more than 130 pages shows that one nanmu asset of the two people includes 276 specific projects, with a total of 51.19 million yuan; they own loose tea and tea cakes with a total of 22.02 million yuan; other kinds of wood wool materials are 37.84 million yuan; furniture, ornaments, wood art, etc. are 12.54 million yuan. Among the specific assets, there are hand string with unit price of 90 yuan, and tea table and wood with single piece of more than one million yuan.

What the report says is Phoebe fortunei, but its not Zhao Yun also admitted that he cheated us. At first, he said he wanted to pay back the money, but later he denied it. The group had no choice but to report to the police. The accountants and the account books are very clear about where they got the money and how to cheat them. The injured enterprise said.

On September 29, Zhao Yun told reporters that the above inventory report was commissioned by the project company at the time of investment, but he did not comment on its contents. As for the case itself, he said that the case is now being transferred to Puer. He believes that the case is an economic dispute and is actively communicating with relevant enterprises. As of the press release, he Rongqing did not answer the phone call, did not reply to the text message.

He Rongqing used to be the Secretary of the Communist Youth League Committee. He had a strong ability of activities and was able to speak. We know that Zhao Yun and she met at a Youth Association, and then Zhao Yun and he Rongqing got married. He Rongqing has the final say in Zhao Yuns work. Qianxi county has received the he Rongqing couple said.

The picture of he Rongqing is from the official website of Puer health school

According to public data, he Rongqing was born in Lancang County, Yunnan Province in August 1978. Graduated from law major of the Central Party school by correspondence, Party member. He has successively served as deputy secretary and Secretary of Lancang County Party committee of the Communist Youth League, Secretary of Fubang Township Party committee, and deputy secretary and Secretary of Puer municipal Party committee of the Communist Youth League. At present, he is the Secretary of the Party committee of Puer City Health School and a department level cadre.

Zhao did not respond positively to the details, but said: I used to go to Beijing often, I go to classes.

According to relevant documents, the two sides signed the ancient tea tree investment agreement on September 30, 2018, which specified that the investment target was the tea and tea tree business income of 15000 ancient tea trees in Lincang City and Puer City, Yunnan Province. The revenue agreed by both parties is to provide tea and after-sales dividends to hengwang group.

On the same day, Zhao Yun and he Rongqing issued a letter of guarantee. To provide joint and several guarantee liability with all of our personal assets and family common property. After signing by hand, the couple pressed their fingerprints on their names.

In the later period, we investigated on the spot that they didnt have ancient tea trees at all. They just bought green leaves from local tea farmers during the harvest season and then processed them. Although the tea was given to our company on time, these tea leaves are not ancient tree tea at all, they are cheap Tableland Tea. Hengwang group said.

On September 29, in response to the ancient tea tree, Zhao Yun told our reporter: this is equivalent to that we have the right to operate and manage. We cooperate with some tea farmers and contract with each other. This one has this tea tree.

After the above 20 million yuan of tea investment, the hengwang group said that from December 2018 to August 2019, Zhao Yun and he Rongqing obtained 93.85 million yuan for the Jinsi nanmu Museum project. They said that this is a key project in Yunnan Province, which can support 600 mu of construction land, and the land price is only 400000 yuan / mu.

Therefore, at the end of 2018, Zhao Yun set up Puer Ziyun Industrial Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Ziyun company). The companys articles of association states that the registered capital of the company is 300 million yuan, of which Zhao Yuns subscribed capital contribution is 120 million yuan. The way of capital contribution is in kind, and it is indicated in brackets that the material object is subject to the audit evaluation report. Ren and Gao contributed 120 million yuan and 60 million yuan respectively.

The accounting firm counted 150 million assets

On December 30, 2018, Jiangsu Branch of Beijing zhongruicheng certified public accountants Co., Ltd. issued to Ziyun company the report on the implementation of agreed procedures by Certified Public Accountants (zrcsz [2018] No. 8, hereinafter referred to as inventory report). We checked the accounts and found that it cost 60000 yuan to ask this accounting office. Hengwang group said.

The 143 page inventory report says, the purpose is only to help your company understand the classification, variety, quantity and specification of physical assets that Zhao Yun and he Rongqing intend to cooperate with, as well as the investment in the project assets of golden ring, dingchuang (Jinsi nanmu storage research and Development Center) and Yueshan yunting Puer home care town (Jinsi nanmu Experience Center)

The acquired data are divided into two items: one is the list of physical assets such as wood products, finished furniture, logs and woolen materials, and tea that Zhao Yun and he Rongqing intend to invest in; the other is the detailed list of expenditures for the projects of golden ring field decoration, Yueshan Yunting Puer tea home town (Jinsi nanmu physical test center) and Juyuan (Phoebe Jinsi Experience Center) that they have invested in.

The time of stock taking is from December 23 to December 26, 2018. The inventory results show that Zhao Yun and he Rongqing have physical assets of more than 125 million yuan, and their project investment is more than 27.41 million yuan. The report Schedule 1 will sum up the two items, the total assets of 152.48 million yuan. It is also stated in the report that some assets have not been checked on site, and physical photos are provided by the asset owner.

Among them, there are 43542 tea cakes with a total amount of more than 13.21 million yuan; 2676 hand string products, with an amount of more than 434000 yuan; 31 pieces of ebony wool materials, 14.18 million yuan; 21 ashtrays, 2100 yuan; 964 pieces of scattered parts of more than 353000 yuan; 8 ebony fruit plates of 15900 yuan; 4 Torreya tea plates of 14400 yuan

In addition to the 3-page schedule 3, the report also covers 51 projects one by one, listing in detail the specific amounts of most of the items in more than 70000 quantities. For example, in table 3-19, 2676 hand strings are subdivided into 48 items, of which 8 items have a quantity of 1, of which the minimum amount is 90 yuan and the maximum amount is 400 yuan.

However, for this seemingly detailed inventory report, henwang Group believes that there is a lot of water. He Rongqing and Zhao Yun wanted to take part of the Phoebe to pay off the debt. As a result, we looked for someone to see it, and there was not a piece of Phoebe. Later, we found out that they had cheated us out of our money and used this money to buy a part of golden Phoebe and some gold camphor from Fujian.

Are the assets of 150 million yuan in the report true or false? Zhao Yun did not respond positively: these things are not easy to identify, they can only be sorted out according to their standards. I have never paid attention to these things. As for the degree of he Rongqings participation in the matter, Zhao Yun said, she is just one of my family members and my love.

According to relevant bills, after the capital injection of hengwang group, in 2019, the funds in Ziyun companys account were immediately misappropriated to other parties, with an accumulated amount of millions of yuan. In addition to the tea investment fund of 20 million yuan earlier, hengwang group reported to the local Qianxi County police in March 2020. The police investigated Zhao Yun and others on suspicion of fraud and contract fraud.

We found that there was no Jinsi nanmu Museum project at all. Then we found that the companys funds were moved out in a planned way. Now they have more than 5 million yuan in hand. In addition, more than 20 million yuan was cheated to invest in ancient tea, and now the visible loss of the enterprise is about 30 million yuan. But now Zhao Yun and a financial officer have been arrested. As a result, the case is required to be handed over to Puer. Its very strange. Hengwang group said.

After being arrested and handed over

Henwang group said that he Rongqing repeatedly said that he would find land for other projects to promote the golden Phoebe Museum, but it was not implemented in the end. It can be said that we gave them a year and a half. At one time, they admitted to misappropriating these things and promised to write an IOU to deal with the matter, but later they stopped. We have no choice but to report to the police.

They had a project in Guandu District of Kunming city. They cooperated with a village committee. As a result, they owed more than 20 million yuan to others. It seemed that something was going to happen. As a result, they cheated money from us and went to fill the hole. Hengwang group said that its transfer of funds rough, some are fake companies, fake project transfer, and then move away. The accountants who made false accounts for their husband and wife were scared to do so later.

Investigators also confirmed to reporters that they had encountered resistance when they went to Yunnan to handle the case, and not long ago, the case was requested to be transferred to Puer. Puer said that this is a case of authorized arrest, and the arrest approval is to go beyond the jurisdiction, which means that the jurisdiction is not a problem, so Puer does not take this case. Its just hanging. However, investigators also confirmed that Zhao Yun was released on bail after being arrested. In addition, the investigators also confirmed that he Rongqing had information directly involved in the case.

It is understood that Cao, a deputy to the 13th National Peoples Congress and Secretary of the Party committee of a county and town in Puer City, wrote to the National Peoples Congress asking about the case, believing that there was a jurisdictional problem with the case. However, after investigation at all levels, the relevant departments have replied that there is no problem with jurisdiction.

No one says its not enough. The case is simple and the evidence is solid. But for no reason, he was asked to hand over Puer and asked Zhao Yun to be released on bail pending trial. According to the law, people from Puer should connect with each other. As a result, Qianxi county has taken the initiative to hand it over there, but the others havent picked up Puer yet. People familiar with the matter said.

Since the second half of 2019, I have been actively looking for people, because the other party did not directly talk about this matter. At that time, I called a general manager to come over and say how to deal with the matter. After that, I did not directly contact the other party. I have been actively thinking of various ways, and I have been actively facing this matter. Zhao Yun said that his family was greatly affected by the incident.

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Official couple report assets of 150 million