Chen Zhonghe: Im a sinner in China

 Chen Zhonghe: Im a sinner in China

Chinese womens volleyball team, the most brilliant team in the history of Chinese sports, won five consecutive titles in the 1980s, which became the spiritual pillar of the Chinese people in the early stage of reform and opening up. However, 18 years ago, it was faced with the biggest trust crisis after the establishment of the team.

In order to avoid Russia, Chinas womens volleyball team consciously lost to Greece and South Korea in the world championships, and finally only won the fourth place, falling into the embarrassing situation of being criticized by the whole world. Its not up to me whether Im going to finish class or not.

Fortunately, Chen Zhonghe did not end his class. He and his disciples survived that hard time. After hard training, he won the world cup and the Olympic Games in 2003 and 2004, reshaping the spirit of the womens volleyball team.

Strict rules to build a new womens volleyball team

Turn the time axis back to the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games 20 years ago. At that time, Hu Jin, who was the second in the palace, led the Chinese womens volleyball team to only fifth place, but he was unable to reach the top four. Many of the main players in the team also ended their career as international players.

On February 2, 2001, the Chinese Volleyball Association officially announced that Chen Zhonghe, who had been the first teaching assistant of Chinese womens volleyball team for a long time, stepped onto the stage to shoulder the heavy responsibilities.

At that time, Chen Zhonghe, who had been the head coach of the local team, especially the companion coach, assistant coach and coach of the Chinese womens volleyball team for many years and accumulated rich training experience, was undoubtedly the best candidate for the new coach of the team. His dedication and working ability were also affirmed by many head coaches and team members.

At the beginning of the new Olympic cycle, Chen Zhonghe added a large number of new players to the national team. At that time, Feng Kun, Yang Hao, Zhou Suhong, Zhao ruiruirui and Liu Yanan, who were in their early 20s, gradually became the backbone of the team.

At the beginning of taking office, Chen Zhonghe put forward the grass shed spirit of the old womens volleyball team, and insisted on the two strictness of strict requirements and strict training, and the three from one big road of starting from difficulties, being strict, starting from actual combat and training with large amount of exercise.

In fact, his idea is very simple, only strict requirements of hard training can achieve results, and in order to deal with the team members who are mostly only children.

Chen Zhonghe also put forward 27 military regulations: director Chen is a person who has a very high demand for style and mental outlook. No matter how you win or how you win, if you cant meet the spirit and style, he will be very strict. Therefore, there were military management in the team at that time. They were 27 military rules and team rules, which required everyone to have a mental outlook, such as not perm, no hair Hair coloring should not be applied to nail polish, and the sea should not be allowed to wear straps. Zhao ruiruirui recalled.

Compared with his predecessor, Hu Jin, Chen Zhonghe gives people a refreshing feeling of abandoning the veteran, using the new and stressing the style. However, Chen Zhonghe puts a lot of pressure on Chen Zhonghe by focusing on the future and neglecting the immediate gains and losses by making full use of the tall and potential young players.

As for the discussion about his gentle character and his ideas on the selection and use of the team members, there were endless questions. When I just formed the team, I was really under great pressure. The media was flying all over the place, and my evaluation was relatively poor. In any case, some media think that I am a passer-by or a temporary transition. In front of me, I still pay more attention to it. I often read newspapers. Later, I dont want to read them.

It is impossible for anyone to lead the Chinese womens volleyball team, which carries the ardent expectations of 1.3 billion people. However, Chen Zhonghe was very pleased with the first appearance of the team. In the two Invitational competitions in Taicang, Jiangsu Province and Songjiang city in Shanghai, Chen Zhonghe won 6-1 losses in 7 consecutive competitions, beating Cuba, the Olympic champion at that time. This new womens volleyball team won the championship in two races and successfully fired the first shot.

Although the Chinese womens volleyball team has experienced ups and downs since then, the Swiss team only won the fourth place after losing to Japan in the Grand Prix.

In the Asian Championships that followed, the young Chinese team won the first official championship of the team in one fell swoop, and pursued the victory in the Grand Champions Cup at the end of the year, beating Russia, the United States, Brazil and other world-class teams with all-out record. After winning this heavy championship, this young team, which is full of vigor and dare to fight, has gradually been recognized by all walks of life.

At the end of the year, when he summed up his first year of teaching, Chen Zhonghe had a lot of feelings: suffering is inevitable, the whole team is the same, because our teams ultimate goal is the world champion! The conditions of the team members are so good, as long as you are willing to pay, there will be a return, there will be a day of hard work, I firmly believe! .

With such confidence, Chen Zhonghe looks forward to 2002 even more. He seems to see the hope of hitting the world champion at the world championships.

The world championships let the ball lose the character, lose the game and risk the end of class

After many times of intensive training and international competitions, the Chinese womens volleyball team has formed a set of distinctive technical and tactical characteristics and a stable lineup. The team not only has a younger composition, but also has excellent physical conditions and a positive mental outlook.

Chen Zhonghe has made great progress in every position.

In the Grand Prix, the Chinese womens volleyball team won the runner up for two consecutive years, which made the fans have a new desire to relive the dream of world championship. Many people think that the world championship is an excellent opportunity to reach the top again.

However, the teams mentality changed a lot after losing to Russia, which was led by gamova and atamomova three times in the Grand Prix, which led to the obvious deviation of strategy in the world championships and foreshadowing the let the ball storm.

In 2002 World Championships, the team was expanded to 24 teams. For the first time, two stages of group competitions were adopted to determine the top eight teams until the champion was produced. Especially, the opponents in the first stage group match, because of the obvious difference in strength, the gains and losses of one or two balls did not affect the overall situation, so there was a theoretical possibility of selecting the opponents in the next stage.

At that time, the Chinese womens volleyball team had a considerable impact, but it did not have the absolute ability to defeat several strong teams. Should we make use of the loopholes of the rules to facilitate ourselves?

My idea is that, in the case of ensuring that they can qualify in the group competition, if necessary, strategic measures can be implemented to avoid the strong teams edge Chen Zhonghe actually planned the let the ball strategy before the match. If it goes well, we can win great initiative and watch the dragon and tiger fight in other groups, so that the Chinese womens volleyball team will embark on a road of first easy, then difficult, first weak and then strong, and finally duel.

If Chen Zhonghe can predict that the team will be surrounded by waves of criticism, I am afraid he will not make such a choice.

Chen Zhonghes expectations are good. In the first stage of the group match, when China defeated Brazil 3-1, China sent a substitute team to lose 0-3 to Greece, giving up the first place in the group. It not only entered the group with weaker losses in the second round, but also avoided meeting Russia, which defeated itself three times in the Grand Prix in the quarter finals and semi-finals.

Puerto Rico and Bulgaria won the last eight matches ahead of schedule and won the last two places. In the third game against South Korea, China has the chance to choose a quarter final opponent. If China wins the first place in the group, it is likely to encounter Italy, which has lost recently. If it is ranked second in the group, it can play Brazil.

At that time, Chinas performance against Brazil was good, and the group match had just defeated the opponent 3-1, so it seemed that they had a better chance of winning.

You know, since Chen Zhonghe became the head coach of Chinese womens volleyball team, the Chinese team has never lost to the South Korean team, but in order to achieve the goal of selecting opponents, the start of the game included Feng Kun, Zhao Ruirui, Zhou Suhong, Yang Hao and Liu Yanan. After 20 points in each set, they began to deliberately give points, and finally got what they wanted to lose the game 0-3.

The result of Chinas letting go of the war between China and South Korea was that China sent South Korea to the first place in the group, while Bulgaria slipped from the second to the third in the group, facing Russia directly in the quarter finals, while the Dutch team of the other group fell directly out of the top eight because of the defeat of China.

If the let ball in the group match has not caused a great disturbance, then the unexplained defeat in the second round will make the Chinese womens volleyball team a negative model of that world championship and disrupt the normal competition order.

Bulgaria full of grievances wanted to file a complaint with the International Volleyball Federation, but the most affected Dutch team was completely enraged. Before the game, the Dutch Volleyball Association had warmly received Chinese womens volleyball team to go to Holland for adaptive training in advance, but the Chinese team played fake ball to do the Dutch team which should have been promoted.

The Brazilian team chosen by the Chinese team was also very angry, its really a shame to be chosen by the Chinese team as the opponent. We must make 200% efforts in the quarter finals to win over the Chinese team.

Needless to say, the Chinese team has become the most unpopular team in the world championships. Every time the Chinese team plays, the audience cheers for their opponents.

At that time, it shouldnt be like this. Even if we lose some goals, it doesnt matter. We want to get the championship as soon as possible, so we are too anxious for quick success and instant benefit, instead of taking such an extreme approach step by step. Chen Zhonghe regretted what he had done at that time.

But the Chinese team has reached a point where there is no way out, forcing themselves to win and not to lose. Fortunately, in the quarter final, China reversed Brazil 3-2 and made it into the last four.

Only according to the evolution of the competition field, Chen Zhonghe has achieved the battle plan: the top four places form a confrontation situation among China, Italy, Russia and the United States. However, after Russia lost 2-3 in the first semi-final to the United States, if China team breaks through Italy, it will face the United States team which is rarely lost to in the final, so it will have a greater psychological advantage. Wont the champion be easy to get?

However, the results achieved through let the ball still have to pay a price. In the semi-final against Italy, the girls of the Chinese team did not play as expected. In addition, perhaps due to the pressure of public opinion and other considerations, the referee arranged by the International Volleyball Federation had many obvious counter judgments and misjudgments. The young Chinese womens volleyball team lacked experience in coping with the situation, and finally lost 1-3 finals.

After the second runner up, the Chinese team was still dominated by the mentality of wanting to win and afraid of losing. It lost 1-3 to Russia and finally ranked fourth.

The game is held once every four years. It is the first time for our whole team to take part in it. What a pity! Whats more, as an aspiring team, we should see who plays against whom, instead of dodging. I let the team members have a narrow mind and create too much pressure for them. Because I won the championship in 2001, I think its very hopeful to win the gold medal in 2002. Im afraid to choose the team and take the team to a dead end

Chen Zhonghe never evaded mentioning the terrible world championships. After returning home, he was busy writing summaries while leading the team training. He made several profound reviews and introspections, I am very clear about the status of Chinese womens volleyball team in the minds of Chinese people. Im responsible for not leading the team. But as long as I am still in this position for one day, I will try my best to do all the work well. Its not up to me to decide whether I am going to finish class or not

In fact, since Chen Zhonghe took office, the progress made by the young Chinese womens volleyball team is obvious to all. Chen Zhonghes ability to govern the army has been affirmed. The General Administration of sports did not let him bear the consequences of his defeat in the world championships alone, and decided to give him the opportunity to stand up for his crimes and make contributions.

The world cup Olympic Games make brilliant achievements

On my birthday, the team members bought flowers for me, which is still fresh in my memory, and also a kind of memory of my life. At that time, the postal staff sent flowers to the womens volleyball station. I was very puzzled. When I entered the room, I found that all the team members were gathered together and wish me a happy birthday! It turned out that it was the Mid Autumn Festival, my birthday, but I forgot all about it. It was planned by the girls! Thank them for thinking about their manager. Their heart is to hope that their coach will not be depressed or affected in any way

After blowing out the candle, Chen Zhonghes nose was sour, and he quickly walked away. He didnt want the team members to see him crying. I asked myself, what good girls! What should I do? There is no way out for the Chinese womens volleyball team. We have to continue to lead the team forward and compete for the championship again! At this time, I felt that the team members also understood me very much. When I was most difficult, they were more involved in training, and the whole team seemed to be more united. It seemed that the whole team realized that the Chinese womens volleyball team was in a very special period, and the whole team must cherish this opportunity and stick to it.

Soon, the Chinese womens volleyball team ushered in the opportunity, Busan Asian Games, Chinese womens volleyball team all the way to win, the final 3-1 defeated the host South Korea team, won the Asian Games champion.

For Chen Zhonghe, he has fulfilled his pre match commitment, requiring his team members to play in accordance with the final in each game, and has washed away the humiliation brought to the team by the world championships with a good mental outlook.

The Chinese womens volleyball team has gained more confidence and domineering power to win the championship.

Since 2003, the core line-up has really entered a mature stage. The main line-up composed of Yang Hao and Wang Lina as the main attack, Liu Yanan and Zhao ruiruirui as the secondary attack, Feng Kun as the setter, and Zhou Suhong and Zhang Na as the free agent are the main players.

No matter in terms of technical comprehensiveness, net strength and the speed of attack and defense conversion, Chinese womens volleyball team was one step higher than its rivals. The overall strength was second to none in the world volleyball at that time, and successfully won the first championship in the Grand Prix.

In 2004, although she suffered from Zhao ruiruiruis fracture before the Olympic Games, and she played only two minutes before the first game of the U.S. team in Athens, the Chinese womens volleyball team still overcame all kinds of difficulties. The final was 0-2 behind and completed the 3-2 reversal. Zhang Yuehong defeated Russia with a fatal blow, and the Chinese womens volleyball team won the Olympic gold medal 20 years later.

The Athens Olympic Games is the ultimate goal of Chen Zhonghes three-year plan at the beginning of taking office. In the past three years, the Chinese womens volleyball team has not taken a whole day off. All the way from the trough to the peak, Chen Zhonghe and his team members are too hard, too hard and too dangerous. But how lucky is it to have such an experience in life?

Chen Zhonghe always gives people the feeling of smiling. Some people say that his smile is a sharp sword that can pierce opponents. However, after winning the championship in Athens, his smile is pure and happy. It is a vivid expression of the spirit of womens volleyball team, the fighting consciousness that never admits defeat, and the excellent character of tenacity and tenacity.

Imagine how Chen Zhonghe could lead the team to complete the redemption if he went through the let the ball storm in 2002?

A few years later, in an exclusive interview, Chen Zhonghe mentioned that his greatest pressure was not at the 2003 World Cup or the 2004 Olympic Games, but at the 2002 World Championships.

Although the past can not be changed, the Chinese womens volleyball team has been creating a new history.

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