Easy moment voice version: the boy has a unique hobby and likes to smell smelly feet

 Easy moment voice version: the boy has a unique hobby and likes to smell smelly feet

Yi Yous soul blooms

Netizens with attitude said: a blind date Law:

I am a girl, 170 net height, feel to find a boyfriend less than 175 is very awkward, after all, girls show stature. But I feel tall boys prefer Petite...

Another netizen with an attitude said that he was determined:

Must have the request, does not want to pull the suitcase, also wants the big bird to depend on the human.

In the last issue, a coquettish netizen said that I:

Dabo, your name is reversed, otherwise you would have taken off the order.

Host: reverse the name, Bo Da? Are polish university graduates so popular?

I am a passer-by from Danjiangkou City, Hubei Province. I want to order a song for my little friend Xinyi who is far away in Ezhou. I wish her a happy and healthy life every day. She is very busy with her studies recently. She goes to bed very late every day, hoping that she can eat and drink well and sleep well. The significance of meeting is to vent the deep love in her heart when she doesnt meet. When she doesnt meet, she is expecting to meet in addition to a good life. I want to order a song of Gu Juji for her. I hope she gets better and better. At the same time, I want to thank Miss Bao, the leader of the group, for his care of Dongdong, Xixi, Xiaonan and Beibei. Our four sisters love her.

@@VIDEO= http://mobilepics.ws.126.net/wXb%3DXobW89g7CcYbIuxwrlQDz5f05uh3%3D%3DHG5L7E4J.mp3 , http://mobilepics.ws.126.net/wXb%3DXobW89g7CcYbIuxwrlQDz5f05uh3%3D%3DHG5L7E4J.mp3 IMG= http://cms-bucket.ws.126.net/2020/0926/8a341c8bj00qh8lqv0014c000g0006kc.jpg ALT: finding you is my greatest success broadcast = in size [email protected]@

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