Li Ziqi snail powder eating blade, this is the most dirty side of human nature!

 Li Ziqi snail powder eating blade, this is the most dirty side of human nature!

Two days ago, a netizen disclosed that his friend ate a blade in the snail powder purchased online by Li Ziqis flagship store.

In the process of communication with customer service, customer service not only refund the full amount, but also proposed to give other products as a gift, hoping to make peace.

In order not to let more people be hurt, the bloggers friends immediately refused to be private, decisive exposure.

News out, netizens instantly fried pot.

Some people give the reasons behind it for granted;

Even, some people directly pulled out Li Ziqi to make her take full responsibility.

For a time, countless unknown gourd eating masses were infected by the justice of the bloggers, and finally participated in the Crusade on the net red.

However, before long, the official microblog of Li Ziqi brand responded to this.

Even the company behind the account number involved has picked up the black history of discrediting the star defendant for many times.

At this time, those netizens who claimed to let Li Ziqi give us an account did not find out,

But oneself, has become the cannon fodder of this vicious competition among peers.

However, what is more worth pondering is that the topic of diners eating plum and snail powder and eating razor blades has been on hot search for a whole day, with a reading volume of more than 4.5 million.

However, how many of these 4.5 million readers have waited for the truth?

I remember some time ago, Tong Liya and Huang Xuan starred in the hit drama perfect relationship, there was such a segment.

In order to boast about a milk powder company named xiaoluxi, the rival company directly employed the Internet big V to transmit a large number of news on the Internet that Thailands xiaolux milk powder was found to be E.coli, and the products were forcibly removed from the shelves.

In order to prove their innocence, the public relations company immediately sent people to send the products on sale in China to relevant departments for testing.

I thought that with the detection report, the rumor would be broken.

They dont care about the test reports they send out, just to prove that there is no E. coli in milk powder.

Sure enough, just been stabilized by the public opinion wind direction, once again small strength dragged down the water.

Three make a tiger.

Under pressure, they have to do estrogen testing.

Finally, a test report that all indicators meet the national regulations is put forward.

After some twists and turns, the rumor finally stopped.

Even the company that had been talking about it gave up signing a contract with it.

It has left a vicious rival enterprise, which is the only one.


People like to say that when eggs and stones are together, Im on the side of the eggs.

But the biggest problem is, do you know which side is the egg? Which side is the stone

Do you remember the suicide incident of female doctors in Deyang that caused a stir?

At that time, doctor an in Sichuan was offended by two 13-year-old boys while swimming in the swimming pool.

Doctor Ann wanted them to apologize, but the boy not only didnt apologize, but also spat at him, made faces and made a series of insulting actions.

Doctor ans husband, seeing that his wife was bullied by two boys, rushed to beat them.

Later, the boys family learned that the boy had been beaten, and immediately rushed into the bathroom, scolding Dr. an.

Finally, both sides chose to call the police. Doctor ans husband apologized to the boy at the entrance of the police station.

If this is the end of the matter, it will be just an ordinary dispute, which will not lead to the tragedy later.

However, on the second day of the incident, the boys mother rushed to the unit where Dr. an was working and forced the hospital to expel him on the spot.

After all this, the boys mother still felt uncomfortable.

She also deliberately intercepted the video clip of doctor ans husband beating people in the swimming pool, posted it on the Internet with inflammatory headlines, and maliciously spread the news that Dr. an and his wife were public officials.

The burly man beat a 13-year-old child, or a public servant

In fact, it is.

Countless netizens who stood up to uphold justice scolded Dr. an and his wife for bullying and making a mountain out of a molehill.

Even the detailed names, telephone numbers, work units and photos of Dr. an and his wife have been exposed!

Many people make good money, but they destroy their bones.

As things continue to ferment, Dr. an, who is in the whirlpool of public opinion, is in a worse mood,

The death of Dr. an brought the truth to the surface.

The netizens who knew the truth turned around one after another and pointed their spearheads at the mother who made false evidence for her child

In fact, kindness and justice are sometimes a double-edged sword,

It can warm or kill a person.

And those who dont know the truth have done justice, which is actually your weapon to kill people.

In this era when one network cable can reach the world, the communication between people has never been so convenient as today;

The truth that needs our heart to distinguish has never been as treacherous as it is today

So dont jump to conclusions until you know the truth,

Be kind, and dont take others for granted.

Let the bullets fly for a while before the truth comes out.

Thackeray once said:

Life is a mirror,

You cry to it, and it cries to you.

Only when we have a beautiful heart, the world in our eyes will be beautiful.

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Li Ziqis overseas circle fans praised by CCTV media: she is not a cultural hero

Li Ziqi is a mirror image, in which she realizes the dream that her peers cant have.

Li Ziqis content on social media abroad is the same as that seen by domestic netizens. Even though he doesnt have English subtitles, he still conquers the worlds netizens. Regardless of skin color and language, people gave her enough praise and blessing in her short video message.

Broken circle comes from foreign circle powder

Undoubtedly, this is the first time that Li Ziqi broke the circle and entered the public topic center. Although she was also a popular blogger before, she was more often active in the fixed fan group, and there were many restrictions on her communication. However, her fame in foreign countries broke this restriction. We found that the girl who lived in the mountains of Sichuan had so much to explore.

It should be specially mentioned that Li Ziqi has interpretation value because he has successfully gathered a large number of fans abroad. Before that, domestic netizens regarded her as an inspirational object. Her parents divorced in her childhood and depended on her grandmother for her life. However, she was proficient in handicraft and farm work, and lived a full and wonderful life. Until she was given the symbol of cultural output, she was a well run video blogger, not a cultural hero..

This time, Li Ziqi walked into the center of the topic because of the difference of vision. In other words, through her tea making, paper making, movable type printing and silk quilt weaving, foreign netizens were surprised to find that in a person, they could have such a strong life ability and extraordinary life pursuit. While Chinese netizens were also attracted by her, they did not judge from the perspective of cultural promotion and inheritance.

Therefore, this time, Li Ziqi has the legendary temperament of Chinese moon, foreign circle, which is largely caused by foreign netizens unfamiliarity with China.

Li Ziqi is an ideal mirror image

Li Ziqi is a mirror image, here, she realized the dream that her peers can not have. For example, she lives in a fairyland like natural environment. She has all kinds of delicious food at her fingertips. She doesnt have to travel long distances across the city to clock in. She doesnt have the bosss instructions and the pressure from her colleagues. Everything seems to be so arbitrary However, as we all know, the life presented by everyone is inconsistent with the truth behind it, and it may even be totally opposite. It is wishful thinking to idealize and perfect it only by video.

Similarly, through the mirror image of Li Ziqi, people also see the ordinary, vulgar and anxiety of their own life. But she is a far away existence. The isolation of identity, distance and space makes it not the object of peoples immediate jealousy, and it is a safe dream carrier.

Li Ziqi is not reproducible

Li Ziqi was once an imitator of domestic video platforms, but he was ridiculed as a copycat. Fans are defending its uniqueness as they are defending the purity of fairy tales. This expresses a secret worry: in fact, we dont want liziqi to exist in every town and every large and medium-sized city. The more liziqi is, it means that the existing way of living will be more negated, and it also marks the failure of peoples active or passive choice of life style. One plum is enough.

The content creation with Li Ziqi as the core is indeed a feast for the eyes, but we should also know clearly that the establishment of this kind of pleasing to the eyes value is based on the filling of a void in the audiences heart. If he had or enjoyed a unique way of life, Li Ziqis attraction would have declined a lot.

Li Ziqis works, I believe, will still be loved by people, because there are many hopes projected on her, and people need the illumination brought by this hope. Because of the unique characteristics of her works, she has been attached with a lot of additional symbols. But we dont need these symbols to kidnap or kill her. Let Li Ziqi be Li Ziqi.