Is it necessary to have a wedding to get married? Is it easy not to be cherished by the husband if you dont do it?

 Is it necessary to have a wedding to get married? Is it easy not to be cherished by the husband if you dont do it?

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Brother, I need help.

My boyfriend is a soldier brother. We have been together for more than four years. He went to be a soldier after graduation.

Because we are high school students, the hometown is the same place, so we are more knowledgeable.

Hell be out of the army next year, and then were going to get the certificate on New Years day.

If you want to do it, you may not be able to go to Europe. Its up to me.

I used to be a dreamer about weddings, but as I grew older, I watched many friends get married.

I think the wedding is actually a kind of performance, just for relatives and friends to see, let me feel as if it is not a dream of happiness.

Then I told my boyfriend what I thought. He said he respected my opinion and let me not be under too much pressure.

In fact, I would like him to tell me whether to do it or not, but he said he didnt want me to have regrets, so I just follow my heart.

It is said that there will be a chance to go after luxury travel, but if the wedding is not held, it will be a pity for life. They all suggest that I have a wedding, and then take a domestic wedding trip.

Its too easy for me to get the wedding because Im afraid I wont be cherished in the future.


A wedding can never decide whether a person treasure you or not, and it is not a pity.

Imagine these four scenarios:

1. After the wedding, my husband is not good to you,

That wedding is like a joke to you. It doesnt matter.

2. After the wedding, my husband is not good to you,

Do you still feel sorry for the wedding? Its a pity to marry the wrong person.

If the wedding had been held perfectly, it would have been a decision I would never regret,

The wedding was held for a lifetime, there are still regrets, and even regret that it was better to go to a luxury wedding trip.

4. The wedding didnt take place. My husband has been very kind to you,

For the wedding that was not held, you may sometimes imagine what it would have been like if it had been held,

But you will not really regret, but will be very proud and happy to tell others,

At the beginning, we didnt have a wedding, so we can be very happy.

To put it bluntly, whether a person loves you or not depends on his / her character, not a wedding.

Although I cant guarantee that he will love you all his life, he will not change enough to love you.

But these must be from his personal experience and your marriage contradictions, communication, ways to get along with a variety of factors.

Youre not going to think youre cheap and easy to get just because you dont have a wedding,

And then feel no need to care for you, do not love you so much.

Unless, hes a mental problem.

So, its better to ask yourself if you want to have a wedding than if you should.

Or is it simply to show friends and relatives, or do it for the sake of no regrets among other people?

If you are full of expectations and fantasies about the wedding, and your heart is yearning and yearning, then I suggest to do it. There will always be luxury tourism in the future.