Eating 8 boxes of contraceptives is not a couple: todays young people, only love, not talk

 Eating 8 boxes of contraceptives is not a couple: todays young people, only love, not talk

Across the screen, we can see that young people are not passive single, but the result of active choice. After all, many people do not lack sexual life, also do not lack ambiguous object, falling in love seems to only increase trouble.

When does love begin, has become a burden in many peoples eyes? Isnt mobile phone fun and single is not fragrant? Why do I have to fall in love and then reduce consumption when I earn such a little salary?

Love is nothing more than a choice. There are gains and losses in making any choice. Why only focus on the loss of love but not the gain of love? No matter how many reasons for refusing to fall in love, most of them dare not.

People dare not fall in love because everyone has his own hurt. Some people say that everyones feelings should be divided into four stages: like a person, like a person, like a person, like a person.

At first, you hold up the camera, and he just appears in the frame and breaks into your heart. Later, it is the combination of soul and flesh. You have held that persons hand for countless times, but every skin contact still makes you feel palpitating.

In the end, when you are facing love, you no longer dare to attack, but wait and see, try, feel a little dangerous, and then retreat quickly. It is very difficult for you to easily invite a person into your life.

Now the feelings, sincere less, cover more, cheating, cheating, half hearted, looking for a horse Many people are afraid that they have given their body and mind, but become the laughing stock in other peoples eyes.

No wonder some people say that the more love you have had, the more difficult it is to be moved.


The first boy walked into the wheat field and looked around. He always thought there would be bigger and better ears of wheat. So when he met a bigger one, he threw away the original one in his hand and walked to the end of the wheat field, empty handed.

Before the second boy walked into the wheat field, he took a look, then chose one to hold in his hand, and then walked to the end with his head not low. What he got was not the biggest ear in the wheat field, but the most suitable one for him.

The first boy lost the most suitable ear for him in order to find the best, which is like a lot of people looking for it in love, and finally found nothing. Maybe this is the reason why it is more and more difficult for you to fall in love.

There are always some people who attribute the failure in love to not meeting the right person. However, love is never about who is in line with his ideal type, but who he likes, and that person will become an ideal type.

The only one in this life you are looking for, who perfectly meets all your fantasies, may be doomed not to appear in your world from the beginning, and can not be found in a poor life.

Instead of testing and dodging, lacking confidence in feelings, involuntarily squandering each others feelings, falling into endless friction and quarrel, and finally facing the end of the breakup

When I was young, I always felt that I would meet a lot of people in my life. Its no big deal to miss a relationship. Later, I learned that there are not many people who have intersection with you in this life, and few people can really walk into the heart.

Some people miss, really is a lifetime. So once met, never give up easily.


Those who dont dare to let themselves all throw a piece of heart can never imagine how sweet the feelings can be.

In my long life, there will be bumps and bumps, but no matter how hard it is, no one wants to let go of the hand, just like Yuan Longping said: when my life is the most difficult, she is always with me.

Not long ago, on the 90th birthday of Mr. Yuan, a cake was served. Mr. Yuan cut the first bite and refused to give it to himself, but immediately handed it to his wifes mouth, saying, come and eat.

At last years future science awards, Yuan Longping said in his speech that he had two dreams: one is to enjoy the cool under the grass; the other is to cover the world with hybrid rice.

The third dream is to grow old together with his wife. True love is like this, no matter how big the storm happened, no matter how long time passes, the love for that person will never be reduced by one point.

The emotional world has always been a two-way, perfunctory for perfunctory, loyalty for loyalty, a person of two minds, never experience a lifetime of a pair of firm and happiness.

When you are in love, you should be single-minded, because if you put your whole heart into it, you will suddenly have a goal, a direction, and from then on, you will have a weak rib, and you will be invincible.

Dont miss the beauty in front of you because you look around. In the end, there are no two people in the world who are totally suitable. There are only two hearts that can accommodate each other. You can only do one thing in your life and only hold one person in your hands.

Dont use ambiguity to consume love, dont test sincerity with perfunctory, talk about single-minded love, and then use the rest of your life to run in, grow up, cherish, dont leave regret.