Last year, it sold four million mobile phone cases worldwide, and the company announced its return to China

 Last year, it sold four million mobile phone cases worldwide, and the company announced its return to China

Recently, jiemeites defense color brand, which is known as the first stock of mobile phone case in China, released multi-ap4.0 anti falling technology in Shenzhen. With the launch time of iPhone 12 and Huawei mate40 approaching, resole will launch a series of new products based on multi-ap4.0 anti falling technology.

Chen Jianping, chairman and founder of defense, believes that mobile phone case is a widely used but deeply misunderstood industry. For a long time, consumers impression of mobile phone case is mostly cheap and low technology content, and resolute intends to break this impression. In his opinion, anti falling is a strong demand of mobile phone case users, and therefore takes it as a breakthrough of product differentiation.

At first, defense put its main market overseas and established stable sales channels in big stores such as best buy, Wal Mart and target. According to official data, Jamet has more than 200 million users worldwide, and the market share of its own brand defense color fixing mobile phone case products ranks among the top 5 in the United States.

On August 24, gemet was successfully listed on the gem with an issue price of 41.26 yuan per share. On the day of listing, the market value of the shares exceeded 10 billion. Mobile phone shell industry has always been a mountain top, lack of industry integrators, Jamet is also known as Chinas first mobile phone case.

Since its establishment in 2006, gemets main business is to provide ODM / OEM OEM OEM services for accessory manufacturers or smart phone manufacturers. Huawei is an important customer. In addition, jemet has also opened up its own brand business, and mobile phone case brand is one of them.

According to the prospectus, in 2019, gemets smartphone protection products achieved revenue of 650 million yuan, an increase of 31.47% compared with that in 2018.

Source: interface news Author: Lu Keyan, editor in charge: Wang Xiaowu_ NF