Tracing the case of throwing coffee in a crazy car: Su is charged with dangerous driving

 Tracing the case of throwing coffee in a crazy car: Su is charged with dangerous driving

Chasing race driving is fighting spirit, and its too late to be sentenced to prison

In April this year, Mr. Chen drove to a place in Chaoyang District of Beijing. When he wanted to merge a solid line to the right, fan refused to give way and made indecent gestures to Chen, and then accelerated to leave. Out of anger, Chen chased fan and forced to change the lane. He contacted fans motorcycle, causing a traffic accident and escaping. Two vehicles were damaged in different degrees, resulting in fracture of the fifth metatarsal base of fans left foot. It was identified that Su suffered slight injury.

Chen was sentenced to detention for one month and ten days by Chaoyang Court for dangerous driving, and fined 6000 yuan. Fan was fined 1300 yuan and 16 points by Chaoyang traffic detachment for driving in excess of the prescribed speed per hour, violating the forbidden marking instructions, not using lights according to the regulations, and driving a motorcycle driver to leave the handlebar.

One word does not agree with each other. He is in hospital and in prison

In September 2019, Mr. Huang, together with Mr. Song, was on a roadside in Chaoyang District, Beijing. After a quarrel with Cao due to vehicle merging, Cao suffered facial soft tissue contusion and multiple fractures of bilateral nasal bones and bony nasal septum. The injury degree of Cao was identified as grade II slight injury.

Huang was sentenced to seven months imprisonment by Chaoyang Court for intentional injury. Cao was detained by Chaoyang Branch for five days and fined 200 yuan.

Man charged for not spilling coffee