The sky said: the meeting of stars is the most affectionate good night

 The sky said: the meeting of stars is the most affectionate good night


Today, the little panda told me: Mumu, airborne. Of course, its the CV sky. Im really sorry that I cant mention a certain opposite sex very affectionately in the text. Well, this is the patent of broken maple leaf feather. As I said today to my apprentice (a very tough woman). I dont have a boyfriend. Im either a work partner or a boyfriend. So keep a distance from other members of the opposite sex. But it doesnt hinder my appreciation at all. To be honest, there are few opposite sex that I can appreciate.

Oh, its a copy of a radio play. I only remember the dodo, not the full name. Wait is a holiday of eight days, a lot of school work to be arranged. Moreover, arrange the proper work. Whats more, we have to finish the trivial things in hand today. So, where is the time to learn about others? I just slept on the floor. Almost spent a long night like this. And then, in the early hours of the morning? If its summer, its nothing. But now its getting colder and colder. I dont want to be flattered by the cold. So, I listen to the song.


It must be the song of CV sky. Flowers on the street even pay attention to me, trumpet has nothing to do with Piaoyu Tung. Its just because they recognize me that they care about me. Well, Im very ordinary. But, in some cases, there is still a little bit of self-confidence. She said she couldnt find the song. I asked: how can I send a link? As a result, she found it herself. Well, its amazing. Everyone said good night in the group, but I stubbornly only said good night. In my opinion, good night is for people who like it. Whats more, I think so and do the same.


The sky said: the meeting of stars is the most affectionate good night in the night sky. So when youre sad, look up at the night sky. This should be a great comfort to me. (Wen / Piaoyu Tung) the night sky is so big that it can contain everything and accept everything. Well, please take away my little one. Let me find the dependence, let me full of security. Sad, but also can find the object to talk to. Although, I let myself too busy to think. Thousands of words, into a word: I hope, we can all be quiet as before.