Thank you for your tenderness and giving me a beautiful autumn

 Thank you for your tenderness and giving me a beautiful autumn


I always feel that it is the empty life that gives me the ability to create.

People who really pursue are reluctant to boast and shy of selling their talents, because they have their own world in their hearts.

Therefore, I am not a qualified idealist, the reality will let me sway, I also in the years of tossing and turning, slowly learn to compromise.

Thank you for love, no matter what the future may be.

In fact, love gives me the perception that pain is far greater than joy, at least in terms of wavelength.

But because of that little warmth and tenderness, it has always been the most beautiful desire in my life. With such a wish, I went to meet a person and thank God for such a girl.

She allows me to live in peace with the world and love the world. Even if there is more fuel and salt in my life, I am glad to see such a change. The only thing I need, maybe, is a little time to reconcile with myself, to smooth the thorny things in my character.

I may become mediocre because of love, such as in the face of increased hairline, or growing small belly, this kind of greasy trace can be followed, so I dont feel flustered.

Age, will always give us some trouble, and love, will let us forget their age.

More often than not, I need to examine myself and my heart. Im complex and simple, complex because I will subconsciously seek the right result, simple because no matter what the result, it will not cause me trouble.

Therefore, it should be very tiring to fall in love with someone like me. We should choose between affirmation and negation. With a certain degree of conjecture, we can test my temperament.

Fortunately, for the rest of our lives, we can walk slowly.


Just like a lot of people dont understand my persistence in writing, its just sad about the spring and autumn and the years. In short, its more practical than a fixed job and stable income. So, they always stab me accurately, and I cant refute it.

This is where I am often unhappy.

But when I have passed the threshold of 30 years old, I also know my shortcomings. I am willing to make a compromise choice and not regard it as a pure character. I am also willing to lose myself for some kind of rich life.

This is not the price of growth, but the awareness of growth. We should exchange more trust with a little helplessness.

In this way, its not that I am so unwilling. If you are more patient with me, you will find that this is my change.

In any case, the harvest is gratifying, the people around you are happy, and what reason do you have to be unhappy!

I think many people are like this, because they have confidence in their ability to resist sadness, so they cant see anyone sad for themselves. They always think that as long as they are good, they are good.

As occasionally I think, if I walk in front of my parents and ask them to send black hair to white haired people, how sad they would be. And then, Ill live tenaciously.


But what if we think we are good enough to be free?

If we think about it, we will feel guilty. We cant pass this barrier. We should also abide by the marriage rules, and the family background is short, which is very frightening.


Sometimes, I would go to a pub to get drunk, or most of the time, and then rave, format my previous days experience, and reset my wallpaper and theme.

Therefore, there is a template for happiness. Our predecessors have done a good job. If we walk according to the established route, we can get a good result. There is no harm and no escape. We will instill this idea into the next generation to inherit all the things in life.

But if a person is fond of appreciating tragedies, and thinks that the inner strength of firmness is derived from the once broken, does that mean that he is destined to bear a lot.

Once a girl suffering from depression asked me, do I really think too much? If I dont think, Im not sensitive, can I really be happy?

So we have to admit that it is the happiest not to be ourselves.

Fortunately, we still have love to hope for.

Love is not salvation, but fulfillment. We can only save ourselves. Buddha enlightenment and Bodhi are just our own bitter ginseng.

If you want to ferry, you have to cross yourself first!

Well, thank you for being warm to me in my life. Some boys and girls are willing to smile at me. Its their tenderness that makes my destiny turn around and can be surrounded by stars and light.

Because of this encounter, make every day different, it is the Mid Autumn Festival of the year, I wish you all happy.

I am Feng Xiaoyi, as long as you are willing, I will wait for you in the wind and rain.


Thank you for reading