Exclusive interview with snh48 Mo Han

 Exclusive interview with snh48 Mo Han

They are sunshine girl


The second special interview: snh48 Mo Han

Snh48 - Mo Han is just like ice lemon bubble water with peppermint added in summer. Its sour and sweet, and its strong, warm and refreshing.

This is the right way to open sunshine girl: positive, intelligent, naive and calm. You like the appearance, Mo Han has.

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Mo Han in life is different from what she looks like. The girl with a full score of immortality looks like she pulls sister Yi to talk about her daily life and suddenly falls to the ground. She has so many tips about fashion, make-up and life that people want to learn from them on the spot!

Snh48 Mo Han: be reasonable, this is the disaster caused by appearance. I may look like this kind of sweet divination, but in fact, the private style is quite casual, just like boyfriend and oversize.

Netease fashion: what kind of clothes do you usually choose to go to the amusement park?

Netease fashion: which popular elements do you like recently?

Snh48 - Mo Han: on T-shirts, everyone will tie a knot, take two pins on the back to buckle it up, reveal a part of the waist, so it will appear proportional and have a good figure.

Snh48 - Mo Han: I would recommend baking and fixing makeup method. Take your face as a dough. Take that sponge puff and throw it on your face like flour. Then you can see obvious traces of powder on your face. Then you dont need to worry about it. You can start to paint eye makeup and draw other things. After all the painting is finished, take a big brush to sweep away the excess powder, which will be very solid, especially suitable for the summer that is prone to sweat and oil.

Netease fashion: as a recognized Liu Hai Tu, how to maintain a perfect hairstyle?

Part 2 upupup

No one would refuse to like a girl with many talents, let alone such a lovely and beautiful one.

Draft for snh48 - Mo Han, is an experience, but also a gift. She is not worried about strength and popularity, is trying to deduce what is called hard-working people will get a sugar.

Netease fashion: whats changed after you took part in Qingyou 2?

Snh48 Mo Han: its a breakthrough for me to participate in this program, and Im also facing graduation. I want to say whether its an opportunity or not, and I want to take this step to see where I can go. Now the mentality is mature a lot, cant be limited to a little thing, you have to live your own life, you have to know what you are doing, what you want to do, you are doing, this is very important.

Snh48 Mo Han: find all kinds of strange things, delicate things, expensive things, and eat. Often search for various food accounts in the middle of the night. What recommendation, what new products have been produced in the store recently, what things to pull grass, which store has become a red net... God, I like to do this kind of thing!

Netease fashion: I heard that you sign in for a day, but you still grab the sofa with fans?

Snh48 - Mo Han: what kind of concept is it to sign in level 13 just by checking in! Robbing the microblog sofa is also an obsessive-compulsive disorder. I dont know why. I will grab my own microblog sofa very much. I like this feeling very much. Moreover, every time I see them, they try their best to grab the sofa with me, but they cant grab me. Im very happy! But it can also increase the interaction with fans~

Netease fashion: is there any plan to open a new hole in the novels written before?

Snh48 Mo Han: in fact, I really want to get out of the hole, but fans will urge me, and its hard to finish writing a story. If youve finished the whole story in your mind, you still want to tell it to everyone.

Netease fashion: which field do you prefer, such as singing and dancing, acting, hosting and writing?

Part 3 quick questions and answers

Snh48 Mohan: rabbit.

Netease fashion: bangs or Zhongfen?

Snh48 Mo Han: middle score.

Netease fashion: long height 3cm fat 10 jin or height unchanged 10 jin?

Snh48 - Mo Han: height does not change, 10 jin thin, OK!

Netease fashion: skirt or pants?

Netease fashion: orange, red, or dark black lipstick?

Snh48 Mohan: dark black.

Netease fashion: which one do you like best?

Snh48 - Mo Han: then sheep, you are sheep.

Netease fashion: a kind of mushroom you like most?

Netease fashion: big devil or rabbit mother?

Part 4 double arrow of love

The strongest sense of happiness of chasing the stars is probably the mutual love with Aidou, which has a two-way arrow.

Snh48 - Mo Hans fans appreciate her strength and loveliness, but also love her efforts and pressure. And these, are mo Han see in the eye. In Mo Hans heart, praise from fans is also her praise for fans.

Ten consecutive pictures of Mo rabbit

A kind of

It looks sweet and soft, but strong and solid inside. Snh48 - Mo hanjiaos voice can make people melt at any time, but her words and sentences are mature and transparent, and often make people deeply understand.

Maybe she will become an actor Mo Han, singer Mo Han, writer Mo Han, no matter which road to go, the hard-working flash girl will have a bright future.