US stocks comprehensive Anti Ballistic index up nearly 330 points, Ali up more than 6percent

 US stocks comprehensive Anti Ballistic index up nearly 330 points, Ali up more than 6percent

Specifically, in the U.S. stock market trading on Thursday, technology leading stocks generally rose, with Apple shares rising 1.51% to 115.81 US dollars, Google parent company alphabet shares to 1469.60 US dollars, Amazon shares to 3148.73 US dollars, 0.12% to US $3148.73, Microsoft to US $210.33, up 1.48%, Facebook to US $261.90, up 0.04%, Oracle to US $59.70, up 0.04% 39%; IBM closed at $121.67, up 0.60%; Netflix closed at $500.03, up 1.33%; Tesla closed at $429.01, up 2.37%; twitter fell 0.54%, Uber rose 2.96%; LYFT rose 1.51%.

The leading chip stocks in US stocks generally rose, with TSMC up 0.70% to US $81.07, NVIDIA to US $541.22, up 2.30%, Intel to US $51.78, up 1.15%; Broadcom to US $364.32, up 0.02%; Qualcomm to US $117.68, up 0.26%; Texas Instruments to us $142.79, up 0.91%; AMD to US $81.99, up 0.27%; applied materials Materials companies fell 0.34%; Meguiar technology fell 7.39%.

Most of the major Chinese stocks listed in the United States rose, with Netease closing at US $454.67, up 0.87%, Alibaba closing at US $293.98, up 6.16%, Jingdong at US $77.61, up 3.26%, Baidu at US $126.59, up 3.27%, pinduoduo at US $74.15, up 0.61%, bilibilibili at US $41.60, up 2.31%, tal at US $76.04, up 1.75%; Iqiyi closed at US $22.58, down 0.96%; suirenxue closed at US $90.11, down 4.12%; Weibo closed at US $36.43, up 8.26%; Sina rose 0.21%; Sohu fell 1.19%; Sogou rose 0.23%; Ctrip fell 0.42%; 51job fell 0.66%; car home rose 5.84%; Weilai rose 1.77%; Jinshan cloud rose 1.30%, ideal car rose 2.11%.

U.S. stocks fell in the last hour of trading before closing after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Treasury Secretary manu munchin failed to reach an agreement on a new round of anti epidemic stimulus plan. The two will continue to negotiate a fifth version of the plan that could be passed in both houses of Congress. Earlier, U.S. stocks surged in the session after Mr. mnuchin said Congress was seriously considering the bill.

Better than expected economic data in the US also boosted sentiment. ADP employment increased by 749000 in September, higher than the 600000 expected by economists surveyed by Dow Jones. Meanwhile, a survey by the National Association of Realtors (NAR) showed that the sales index of uncompleted housing in the United States soared by 8.8% in August, the highest growth rate in history.

Stocks sensitive to economic restart, including banks and cruise operators, were among the biggest winners on Wednesday. Goldman Sachs shares rose more than 2%, Citigroup shares rose 1.6%. Shares of Norwegian Cruise lines are up more than 3%, while Boeing shares are up 1%.

However, major U.S. stock indexes still recorded their first monthly decline since March, partly due to a correction led by technology stocks in early September. In September, the S & P 500 index fell 3.9%, the Dow Jones index and the Nasdaq composite index fell 2.3% and 5.2% respectively. (Liu Chun)

Source: Qiao JunJing, editor in charge of Netease science and Technology Report_ NBJ11279