Its getting cold. Id like you to copy this plan

 Its getting cold. Id like you to copy this plan

In addition to the thin belt, the wide waistband design is also the mainstream this season, DanielW.Fletcher Infatuated with the magnified charm, the classic suit jacket is infinitely elongated, and the trousers legs are widened. The serious atmosphere becomes relaxed and hippie. This is not enough, and with the jumping black and white conflict and a huge irregular waistband, the classic suit jacket will be cut off directly. This is equivalent to a deconstruction of the traditional, there are no elements piled up, but it is enough to shock.

Y / project is more delicate and delicate. Designers are walking between business, sports and pioneers. This season, they have added a little feminization factor. The drooping yarn knitted small coat almost blurs the gender. Whats more, they specially use super tight thick satin at the waist to further emphasize the S-shaped curve, and it is necessary to go to the end of the trend of sexuality.

At Charles Jeffrey Loverboys show, the whole runway is a huge and gorgeous circus. The colorful splash ink and printing all convey a series of absurd DNA. The gorgeous court style suit is perfectly presented by the deliberately emphasized shoulder line, the huge black top hat and the ribbon at the edge of trousers leg. The waistband tightly wrapped around the waist is full of design sense, which adds romantic value to the overall shape Qi.

When it comes to the most gentlemanly waistband, it depends on bosss show. Parkas, high collared sweaters, elegant scarves, as well as any redundant cut-out, are all classic reappearance of gentlemans character. Perhaps the only playfulness comes from the sudden increase in the waist ribbon, which is a magic stroke in proportion, which instantly makes the heavy autumn and winter sense of desolation disappear.

Each hat is a marvelous trick. It is small but can make a change. It can almost replace the hairdressing industry. There is no designer who has never tried to dig deep into the scenery on his head and sprinkle his inspiration. This seasons autumn and winter show, hats of different shapes are another round of carnival.

MOSCHINOs mens wear series perfectly illustrates the fantastic style of Meiman. Boys wear grotesque pieces with totally unbalanced proportions, such as super long tops above the knees and oversized baseball caps.

Craig green combines laboratory, military uniform, aviation uniform, construction site uniform and other uniforms with popular elements to create a robot like psychedelic texture in the future. For example, the design of a hat with half of the hand-held shopping bag folded upside down on the head is even more fantastic.

In this seasons show of palm angels, a large cloak completely covering the body and spiritual beads appear at the same time. It seems that a crystal ball will soon fall from the sky, giving a critical blow to the traditional street style.

Sunneis over the knee Cape combines the most jumping warm color system and smooth surface material. It emphasizes the cutting of knife and knife. Although it is a robe, it does not have the sense of procrastination. Instead, it looks strong and functional in the future.

Astrid Andersen, who has always been creating casual fashion with sports inspired aesthetic style, has been transferring styles in various printing since this season. Even the appearance of cloaks has also been added with flying tassels. The geometric printing is like abstract graffiti, and the artistic aesthetic is excellent.

When building Lego building blocks, there will be tens of thousands of small parts for each additional level. In the field of fashion, the level of layering tests the designers matching skills. Most of the time, just adding a piece can save a boring shape, but to have the ability to make the finishing point, it needs experience and tests talent.

Emporio Armanis autumn and winter 2020 show reappears the classic red and black color. The waistband cut-off down fabric stitches the waistcoat. The gentlemans character and outdoor function appear at the same time without any conflict. Its really beautiful.

Dries van noten continues the retro style of spring and summer, among which the most impressive is the off the knee skirt design with a short leather top and Martin leather boots, hippies and rock music.

In this autumn and winter mens wear, vest elements return to become the focus. In the design, never ignore the decisive role of the upper body foundation frame on the overall version. A seemingly basic vest, unconsciously determines the trend of the whole body shape. This seasons mens show, a wide variety of vests make people shine.

On the off white runway this season, Virgil abloh has moved away from his iconic street style and has become more of a mature man. The sapphire blue sweater vest has no too many pendants, and the iconic arrow logo is woven into 3D relief effect. He was no longer the rebellious youth of the past. He had many soft edges.

Prada, also daring to show her arms, has knitted woolen waistcoat with illusory printing, which is set on a more gorgeous sleeveless shirt, breaking the basic rules and giving full marks for creativity.

This time, dsquared got inspiration from the cartoon. Many unexpected small adjustments increased the designs senseless sense. The combination of short waistcoat and long shirt, together with worn-out motorcycle jeans with beard and thunderbolt waist bag, can escape the characters from the cartoon.

Gucci has made mens wear independent this season, with knitwear with shortened body and sleeves, macarone sweater decorated with lovely patterns, and boys shorts above the knee. Its no surprise that a red loose waistcoat appears.

Chinese designer Feng Chen Wangs waistcoat shoulders the task of concave shape. The irregular woven and hollowed out waistcoat is slanted over the pure black oversize suit, as if the beautiful splash ink in Chinese painting always highlights Chinese culture.

Can uncle Jocks new tricks sell more laughter when the funny show starts? This years mens show, designers infinitely enlarge the width of the trouser legs and play a wonderful role in the proportion configuration of the lower body.

British brand Martine rose continues to explore the street spirit of low Britain in this season, completing the breakthrough of the times in the process of retro. Among them, the streamlined and wide leg design which is inclined like the tide is undoubtedly a replica of the decadent era of the last century. However, the use of new fabrics makes the overall vision present a sense of future, which makes the shape without temperature have vitality.

Also let the lower body into the tide is the South Korean brand m u00fc NN, the designer cleverly uses hard materials to mix with the upper class linear loose version, suddenly has a surreal scientific and technological atmosphere.

At John Lawrence Sullivans show, the combination of baseball cap and suit is a bit of Hollywood comedy, while the oversize suit coat and bulky trousers make the body proportion look charmingly naive.

Head to shoulder ratio is a basic element in design. A tiny difference may lead to the ultimate illusion of vision. How to play with the configuration of shoulder is a game that designers enjoy.

Balmain is focusing on the silhouette in this seasons autumn and winter series. What is striking in the modeling is that it overemphasizes the horizontal and vertical shoulder line, matches with the pea coat and suit suit with style, which has the visual system of super future film.

Juun. Js Luotuo soft leather with unbalanced shoulder ratio is a sharp flash in a pure black shape, adding fun to the design.

Put the world on your body, you can open the boundless vagrancy. Sun, moon, Star River, mountains and lakes are magnificent diamonds inlaid in the soul, which are integrated with nature. In this seasons mens show, the diverse collage style and wandering atmosphere tell the new trend of fashion.

Maison Mihara Yasuhiros Shibuya boys are embracing a more disordered Carnival this time. Konyu miyara digs out one gap after another in his daily clothes, and then fills them with anything you can name. Complex to the extreme is a subtle harmony, very street, very fashion.

This dramatic design style has also spread to commedes garons Homme plus this season. Kawabata never follows the routine of dress, dirty braid, rainbow pantyhose, plaid, leopard pattern, suit cloth, Abao color Everything is stacked in disorder.

Sacai combines the high street and pan ethnic style, superimposes urban vagrancy and refined yuppie temperament to increase the fall and fall fascination in autumn and winter, and completely smash the gentlemanly style.

The elegant scarf wrapped around the neck is the playful ornament of designers. Among the square inches on the neck, designers are acting like great magicians to perform wonderful level games.

At msgms show, Massimo collaborated with Dario Argento, an international director known as the master of terror, to create a magnificent show of horror, infatuation and absurd restoration. A large number of saturated colors are interspersed in exotic pieces such as over the knee silhouette jacket, retro nine point trousers, and irregular button sweater.

Casablanca infuses the elements of womens wear into mens wear design. She uses soft silk scarf to match printed silk shirt of lake Sky Color, and elegant wide leg trousers of Bohemian style.

Phipps is even softer. It neutralizes the hard rough feeling of the tooling shape with the bright jump color scarf, injects fresh childishness into the overflowing male hormones, and creates a strong sense of youth that jumps the time limit.

Dior also has a wonderful performance of the scarf this season. Kim Jones integrates handcraft elements into the design, and skillfully combines embroidery technology, Arabic pattern and Amoeba totem and other ancient fine handmade scarf items, which is undoubtedly a perfect interpretation of the high-level craft details of this season.

Louis Vuitton built a magnificent palace full of surreal atmosphere in the Tuileries garden. The urban street style was completely disappeared and replaced by deep color suits. The clean and hard cut basic suit, together with the lotus leaf sleeve decoration, is undoubtedly the highlight of the boundless world, which is just the high-level.

The lotus leaf thick ink is also interpreted by AMI. The elegant palace style shirt with soft light filter, together with the light color fabric specially selected by the designer, is a dreamy sunshine in the solemn autumn and winter.

The combination of Martine Roses jacquard fabrics, football shirts, knee boots, square toe shoes and shawl scarves is also full of Londons old money.

Dries van noten skillfully portrays the tenderness of an iron man in the exploding male hormones set off by fur and leather. The bold use of rose printing is to refine the softness of the lotus leaf into the avant-garde atmosphere of Psychedelic Rock.

Editor: Alex Xi

New Media Editor: Koi

Text: Shaun

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