People who understand fashion will match sky elements in autumn

 People who understand fashion will match sky elements in autumn

Sky element sky blue

The color system closely related to the sky is the sky blue, which is fresh, quiet and gentle. It brings a kind of beautiful and beautiful visual sense, which is also one of the color systems that many girls like very much. In many different scenes, you can deduce your own unique customs and feelings, and your temperament is also very outstanding

Sky blue

Sky blue is very rich in collocation. Different categories of single products can create different fashion visual sense. If the skirt shape, then can match the temperament high-heeled shoes

Or wear these pieces of windbreaker coat, it seems very intellectual lady style. In the workplace or in daily life, you can easily get on the upper body and deduce your own exclusive charm

Sky blue + white

The combination of blue color and white color makes the vision beautiful and fresh. Moreover, these two color matching will also make the skin color very white, setting off a distinctive fashion style

In many girls wardrobe wear inside, can be very good out of this effect out, like fashion MM people can learn from, a wide range of blue color is a lot of small points

And different blue items, such as suits or jeans, combined with the white Department of clothing, poor vision is also very significant. For example, the white blouse inside the suit coat is a classic combination, which looks fashionable and concise, and it also has a sense of simplicity and quickness

The combination with blue jeans casual pants is also very interesting. If the cutting of clothes is more chic, then the overall shape looks fashionable. If you put on your favorite high-heeled shoes, you can well deduce your own style

The design of blue and white collision is also a combination of blue and white, which is assembled on a single piece, which is also very interesting. For example, the classic blue and white striped shirt is one of the versatile items, which is combined with light blue or white casual pants

It creates a super strong fashion flavor, and it is also a favorite of many fashion girls. The blue piece of suit style needs no attention at all in collocation, and there is no need to worry about making mistakes

If you want to combine with the white color system, you can use the inside of the jacket to appear OK. In this way, you can wear your own fashion flavor. In many different occasions, you can deduce your own unique flavor, which is elegant and touching

There are also blue items. When matching with white items, you dont need to be limited to the bottom of the coat, but you can also extend it to shoes, bags and bags

The main line of the whole dress is made up of different blue clothes. If you want to add white items, you can mix some white decoration on top of the top or bottom

Or use the combination of white bags and these single items, you can also wear a fashionable and foreign-style visual sense, and easily interpret the distinctive fashion temperament

In fact, the blue Department of the single, can also be used as accessories, and white as the main tone of the clothing combination, is still a very popular way to wear. Dreary autumn and winter use white coat coat coat, it is elegant and fresh, with the blue bag, fashion flavor is undoubtedly revealed

Sky element - moon base

The bottom shirt with moon pattern decoration is also one of the sky elements, and it looks solid and exquisite. Besides, it can also create a different sense of fashion. In many different occasions, they can wear their own fashion tenderness, which is beautiful and charming

Moon print bottoms

The moon print bottoming shirt has a full sense of fashion, and the upper body is very distinctive. The moon base coat with suit design has a full sense of coordination. It can be worn with a long coat of temperament. It looks fashionable and foreign-style, and the visual sense is also super outstanding. It is suitable for upper body in many different scenes and deduces ones own temperament

Sky element - rain

Rain gear belongs to the category of sky elements, and the categories of rain gear are also different. So lets have a look at which rain gear has a strong sky element. You can have a look with your favorite girls

Single item

(1) Rain gear recommendation

The specific rain gear, which will have sky element embellishment, such as PVC jacket, or rain boots, are related to each other. And interested girls, lets have a look at it together

PVC coat not only can be used as clothing, but also has the effect of shielding rain in rainy weather. The dressing style of killing two birds with one stone is also popular among many girls


Rain boots are also very practical shoes, wearing can effectively protect the foot from the rain. The style is generally simple and generous, so that the feet are comfortable and comfortable. They are not worried about the constraint at all, and they are loved by everyone

The bag of sky elements

(1) The style of cloud bag

Cloud pack also has different styles on the style, and different styles bring different visual experience. Like the girls, can come together to see if you like

The cloud bag with hand style is fashionable and simple. It seems to have a sense of temperament when it is practical. When combined with different clothes, it can create a different fashion flavor and is loved by many fashionable girls

Metal strap

The sports bag designed by metal strap has more diversified ways of carrying. It can be carried by hand to fit various scenes. And it will also make the whole shape more rich, is a lot of girls like

(2) The style of crescent bag

Integrated bag and belt

The crescent bag with integrated bag and belt is simple and clean, and carries fashionable aesthetic feeling. With the jacket, skirt, pants, it seems that it is super suitable

Separate tape

The crescent bag with separation design looks simple and generous, and has strong plasticity. With the clothing, its fashionable feeling is also very good, in different scenes, you can easily upper body, wear your own unique temperament

Bags with bright colors can be combined with different clothes to create a fashionable and eye-catching effect. With the color department, the overall shape will appear very shiny, while with the clothing color a little dark, you can wear a sense of fashion level

The tranquil and fresh sky element is elegant and beautiful with temperament, creating elegant charm value. These different sky elements, either elegant or leisure or with strong practicability, are suitable for different occasions. It is also suitable for different girls, in a variety of scenes, the interpretation of your different amorous feelings