Windbreaker is the first item in autumn, which is fashionable and versatile

 Windbreaker is the first item in autumn, which is fashionable and versatile

How to match the windbreaker

In fact, there are many ways to match windbreaker. Different ways of wearing lead to different effects. Like the younger sister, the next to the specific study, to see what is worth learning

Windbreaker + trousers

Windbreaker and trousers should be very common. They are simple and neat to wear, and there are many scenes suitable for wearing. Whether its in the workplace or in daily wear, there are many, using the color of the collision, wearing the visual sense will be enhanced a lot. With comfortable and simple boots or single shoes, you can deduce a full of fashion flavor

For the wide leg casual pants, there is no limit to the leg shape, and the comfort is also very high. If you think its a little stiff, its very suitable to use it with the printed elements, and match it with the windbreaker jacket of solid color. Its also very eye-catching to wear like this. Ladies and sisters you like can try it

Light color trousers and light color windbreaker match together, it looks fresh and beautiful, and it also shows skin color. Like this kind of dressing effect is also very popular with girls, and then in shoes and bags, you can use some more outstanding color comparison to improve the fashion index, easily create your own unique charm value, in many occasions, it is very photogenic

Shoes with high-heeled design have always been more feminine, and like a lot of girls. Can lengthen the height, but also appears more graceful step, the use of high-heeled shoes and trousers and windbreaker combination, this kind of wear is many fashionable ladies love. Especially for the workplace girls, it is also very suitable, elegant and elegant, but also super temperament

There are many kinds of casual pants, and the comfort and fashion of wearing them are also a little different. If you use the combination of casual pants and windbreaker, you can easily wear your own unique temperament. In the street or in commuting, can be a good interpretation of their own style of dress, put on exquisite bags and shoes, it is fashionable and elegant

For a lot of girls dont like the pants to wear too monotonous, then the choice of printing is very good, visual sense of hierarchy is full, and bring fashion flavor. This kind of casual pants and solid color windbreaker match together, can wear a kind of fashionable and beautiful fashionable charm, but also do not feel boring and inflexible at all. Finally, with their favorite shoes and bags, the street seems free and casual

For girls with bad leg shape, it is recommended to wear comfortable straight pants instead of leg type, and they are also simple to wear. Combined with the natural and unrestrained windbreaker, it can also show the full style of the trend. In many occasions, it is very out of the ordinary. If you wear it with boots and single shoes, you can easily wear your own unique style and make you brilliant on many occasions

The collocation of jeans and windbreaker is simple and casual. The upper body is fashionable and sexy. The atmosphere of windbreaker and the toughness of jeans combine to create a different visual experience. If the color of windbreaker is still more bright, then the overall wearing effect will be more outstanding. In many different occasions, can wear their own unique charm

Windbreaker + shirt

Windbreaker + skirt

The combination of windbreaker and skirt is very elegant, with Lady charm and strong feminine charm. If the color system is more unified, then the fashion sense of wearing will be stronger. If the color contrast combination is used, it will appear fashionable and foreign style. It can create simple or fashionable visual charm, and deduce its own unique temperament in different occasions such as street parties

Windbreaker + suit

The combination of windbreaker and suit is one of the essential items in autumn, and its practical wearability is also very high. You can see their figures in many girls closets. In combination with casual pants or elegant skirt, you can wear a kind of fashion flavor you want, and you can wear it freely on many occasions

How to choose windbreaker

Windbreaker in the selection above, there are still many ways, the following is a few common selection methods, to introduce to the girls. Interested girls, lets have a look

uff081uff09 Fabric

First of all, from the fabric above, to see the classification of windbreaker, different fabrics wear fashion sense is also a bit different. And texture is not the same, like the girls, lets have a look together

pure cotton

The windbreaker made of pure cotton is comfortable and soft to wear, and its hygroscopicity is also excellent. With the different styles of windbreaker, it looks more freehand and comfortable to wear. Moreover, the pure cotton material is very easy to take care of, which is also the favorite of many girls


Polyester fiber material, feel comfortable and delicate, and upper body wearing is not easy to deform, with a good shaping feeling. Its three-dimensional and simple, and its 100% silhouette. This kind of windbreaker is also very popular


The windbreaker made of leather is easy to get, and the fashion is also very high. Version is very three-dimensional, with different other pieces, can be very good collocation, can easily wear their own unique charm value. If you put on your shoes or bags, you can have a different style

uff082uff09 Color


Khaki windbreaker is the most popular one. It is beautiful in color and has no skin color at all. In terms of collocation, its very simple. Its popular with many girls. Its easy to wear comfortable shoes

The classic Plaid windbreaker is fashionable and foreign-style, showing a full sense of hierarchy and three-dimensional sense. The upper part of the body looks super stylish, but also with some British sense. If you wear a fashionable blouse or skirt, you can wear a full style

Classic black windbreaker, chic and atmospheric, and looks calm and generous, the upper body appears fashionable and simple. But also show thin show white, with their own favorite to wear, it seems very free and easy, is also a lot of girls like