Leather piece is just in time. Have you started this year?

 Leather piece is just in time. Have you started this year?

Color leather shirt is really special value, with a little purplish, very rare, but this color will be more suitable for a little older women, upper body to be able to hold, otherwise it will appear a bit rustic.

Long style leather coat or dress is a very good piece to control for street fashion people. Matte leather can better modify the figure. After all, glossy items will have expansive visual effect, which is not friendly for women who are overweight.

Simple leather shirt, whether long sleeve or short sleeve, is a versatile style, just like the usual shirt, with a half skirt, or with a T-shirt inside, and a simple pair of jeans, you can easily get out of the street.

Folding is still not out of date. It can be a tight T-shirt with long sleeves and a leather shirt with short sleeves.

The beautiful lacquer skin is specially treated, and the luster will be more like the mirror Lip Glaze. The light reflected from the mirror surface is on the surface. But the best color choice is a little low-key cool tone, so even in autumn and winter, if you want to be a low-key trendsetter, you can take it and go out.

Its more practical to make a jacket, of course. The windproof ability of leather items is not casual. Even if it is a simple layer, it can keep warm for the body after cooling in autumn and winter. Isnt it great?

The plain leather jacket is beautiful with fancy pieces inside. It can also highlight the delicate feeling. The heavy feeling of the jacket naturally brings warm feeling, and the color of the inside is used to adjust the luster and color of the skin.

Rare lake blue jacket, is very few people try, but the choice of the inside of the rules, close to the face of the place will not appear particularly strange, casual wear is still very good.

Black and white matching is never out of fashion. In early autumn, a simple white sling is used to build it inside. It looks fashionable and careful. It shows the skin slightly, which is very attractive.

Multi layer overlay is also a good choice, remember not to have too many colors.

Leather suit

Similar to the previous suit style, but the fabric looks more thick and textured.

With some light color, you can have a good sense of neutralization and massiness.

With a pair of leather five point shorts, is not it very tasty?

A fur coat

The style of leather coat is almost the same as that of our common coat, but the material is changed and the old rules are still followed.

How much have you learned about the collocation skills of fashion people?