Wu Xuanyis new photos are so beautiful that she looks like a flower fairy in the flowers

 Wu Xuanyis new photos are so beautiful that she looks like a flower fairy in the flowers

Of course, a beautiful make-up must be matched with fashionable and beautiful clothes. Here are some sets of Wu Xuanyis look. Lets see how Wu Xuanyi matches her modeling with this gentle and gentle makeup.

Black lace cake skirt, dynamic and playful

Wu Xuanyis black lace cake skirt is really full of design sense. The sleeveless design makes the whole body black skirt use skin color to break the dullness, and can also show beautiful and slender arm lines. The material of black lace is lovely and playful. The design of the cake skirt reminds people of the expensive lady, full of personality.

Black and white color matching earrings and black cake skirt color harmony, and very fashionable, can also modify the face. The black color is also very prominent against the flowers, which makes Wu Xuanyi look like a fairy in the flowers.

Check element high slit chiffon skirt, showing temperament and elegance

The black leather waist cover at night has special texture, and it can also lengthen the leg lines visually, so that the high split design can also have a pair of long legs. Chiffon material can let the skirt have a drooping texture, very thin. Tips, take a small book and write it down. Accessories with a simple Choker, temperament with a trace of wild.

If youve had enough of temperament and sweet looks, look at Wu Xuanyis cool clothes. Black short vest with Royal Blue Pearl suit, color harmony, cool and SA. High waisted leather shorts stretch the legs visually.

With a pair of black boots, straight version can be very good to modify the leg shape, lining legs long and straight. The waistcoat with chicken heart collar leaves a blank for the modeling. A brown Choker can not only increase the layered sense of the modeling, but also add points to the interpretation of the modeling style.

Gold suspender skirt with wide brim hat, sexy and noble

The suspender skirt is pure and lustrous. It is very sexy to wear on Wu Xuanyis body. The golden color matching is expensive and elegant, and the texture of silk is full of texture. In addition, it is matched with the golden tassels from the front chest to the waist and abdomen, which gives full marks to the sense of fashion and design. Leaky back design and slim fit, sexy. Accessories choose gold chain bracelet, wild and very personality. The huge wide brimmed hat is a great fit for a concave shape, but its not very everyday.

Red windbreaker with black skirt

Red Plaid suit coat with leather pants, simple and fashionable

This set of modeling is really cool, but it is very daily. The red lattice element is classic and versatile. With tight black leather pants, it has a full sense of fashion. Moreover, the high waist design also improves the waist line, showing long legs and showing thin. Girls who love beauty can try it.

Wu Xuanyis gentle make-up can create such a wide range of shapes, and the shape inside is also very suitable for early autumn wear. Do you love this beautiful and versatile little sister? I hope Wu Xuanyi can create more styles.