Zhou Bichang challenges new style! Cherry Blossom powder suit elegant and casual

 Zhou Bichang challenges new style! Cherry Blossom powder suit elegant and casual

The easiest way to break through the formal look of a suit is to start with the color. The pursuit of black and white gray is far from enough. Only by breaking through the black and white gray and choosing the gentle color matching with dark brightness, can we break through the stereotype of suits and make our temperament more outstanding.

Zhou Bichang is superior to others in the choice of suit color. The pink upper body with dreamy smell immediately makes the mood more pleasant. The combination of pink and suit is very clever. Pink has a soft and light healing feeling, while the fabric of suits tends to be stiff. It is this contrast that makes the whole body fashionable. The brighter the color of pink, the easier it is to bring its own lightness and romance. So girls can learn from Zhou Bichangs color system when choosing pink pieces. Light and elegant pink is more plastic for the whole body and more tolerant for skin color.

Appropriate occasions should be combined with different clothing. For example, Zhou Bichang needs to match it more delicately to show respect for the program.

Its easy for people to feel the monotonous workplace atmosphere with the classic suits. But the girls who started the black suit dont worry. As long as they learn Zhou Bichangs collocation, they can completely create a new style.

Zhou Bichangs camel suit belongs to the standard style, there is nothing too novel. Of course, Zhou Bichang, a fashion expert, will not let his own collocation be so casual. Using a bright color inside will enhance the overall high-level sense by several levels. The blue solid color inside enhances the high-level of their own clothing. The collocation close to the face is also very lining the skin color, which realizes the purpose of active atmosphere, and also makes the camel suit no longer dull and tasteless.

Skillfully use the full design items

At first glance, Zhou Bichangs matching lower body is a pleated skirt with color matching. The classic combination of white, khaki and black caters to the extremely simple style, and reveals a trace of scholarly atmosphere, which makes him more cultural. However, the lower body is actually a combination of pleated skirt and white trousers. The hem of pleated skirt also adopts irregular cutting design, which breaks through the strict collocation and has a high degree of fashion completion.

The soft fabric of Zhou Bichangs look white dress brings a full skin touching experience. The only deficiency is that there is no way to bring a feast visually. Zhou Bichang adds black frame on the outside, which makes him feel like a retro Knights uniform. The whole has the aesthetic feeling of being rigid in the outside and soft in the inside, which adds to the unique aesthetic feeling of Zhou Bichang.

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