How to wear it in early autumn? These 3 sets are fashionable and durable

 How to wear it in early autumn? These 3 sets are fashionable and durable

The three sets of look deduced by Sanmu blogger fit perfectly with the early autumn weather. They are also common basic items. They are fashionable and durable, and they are also very practical. Next, lets enjoy these three sets of looks with the help of Xiaobian!

1. Dress + coat

Soft knitted cardigans can also be used, with the fabric glossy dress is simply not too gentle. Sambo uses a long knitted cardigan with a dress to create a perfect sense of layering. This look must remember to open the coat to wear this tip Oh!

2. Suit

Suit is dull and boring? You cant match it. Suit to avoid too strong business sense in order to wear foreign style, three wood with the inside to avoid suit business sense. A suit of the same color is matched with white shirt and grey vest. If you dont fasten the coat button, you can see the inner layer. The open coat will disperse the sense of restraint.

The wide top and narrow bottom pipe pants are a kind of leg shaped artifact. They are matched with a shirt and knitted vest with a full sense of youth. They are playful and lively, and have a little bit of a big boys feeling. Mitsubishis diamond lattice knitted vest can be described as a classic, adding a sense of embellishment and hierarchy to the simple white shirt, plus the cool feeling of military green pipe pants, the aging effect is Max!

Want to appear gentle? All white look to know! White shirt + white sweater + white pipe pants, how can you look at a fresh look. Reveal the cuff and collar of the shirt, tuck part of the shirt into the trousers, and the delicacy will come out in an instant.

Sanmus tips for dressing

Do you love the above three sets of early autumn wear? Do you want to know how Samu blogger makes every suit fashionable? Lets learn these four tips. Your clothes can be advanced and fashionable!

1. Elegant color matching

Color matching determines the tone of your outfit. Advanced color matching can make you get twice the result with half the effort. If you want to say high-level and durable color, the earth color system is the best. White, apricot and other colors are the high-frequency colors of Sanmu. The earth color is gentle and elegant, and it is friendly to all kinds of skin colors.

If you want to wear a high-level sense, you should not wear too many colors. Specifically speaking, it is not suitable for more than three kinds, otherwise it will give people a messy feeling. Sanmus favorite color matching is to match with the same color system. The two colors with the same color tone will not appear abrupt, but simple and advanced.

2. Pay attention to the sense of structural hierarchy

Sanmu often uses basic pieces for collocation. The simple basic style is easy to wear with a high-level feeling, but it is also unavoidably monotonous. To create a sense of layering is one of the skills to wear a unique charm. For example, like Sanmu, the basic shirt is no longer monotonous by overlapping sweaters and shirts.

Loose and loose without waistline cant be held for most people. If you look short and fat, you must avoid it! The correct way is to pay attention to creating waistline. The dress, windbreaker and other items without waistband must always be together with the belt. The higher the belt is, the longer the leg will be.

Tucking the top into the bottom is also a way to shape the waistline. The tail cant be stuffed wrong. Its formal to avoid the swelling of the waist. Sanmus dress is more like to plug only part of the tail, which emphasizes the waistline and at the same time appears natural and casual. It is also a good skill to tie a knot at the end of the garment!

4. Lighting up the shape with accessories

In Sanmus opinion, accessories are an indispensable part of wearing. Accessories are just like the finishing touch in wearing, especially when matching with basic items to avoid monotony and mediocrity. In the suit of solid color, the matching silk scarf becomes a big eye-catching point. A simple solid color dress with a belt of different colors will be more delicate.