The knitwear is beautiful this year. Please check this wave of the essence of wearing

 The knitwear is beautiful this year. Please check this wave of the essence of wearing

1u3001 Knitting long is the key, different body Selection Guide

Although knitwear is a versatile piece, it also has different styles and color classifications. First of all, lets learn about the different lengths of knitwear to see what kind of length knitwear is suitable for

1. Short knitwear is more lively, small girls choose it

Short Knitwear should be a style that we can often wear in our daily life. Compared with long knitwear, Short Knitwear may be more lively

Short knitwear is more suitable for petite sisters than long knitwear. If you dont know what to wear in early autumn, you can boldly buy such a sweater to ensure that you dont lose money

Compared with short knitwear, long knitwear is more widely used and has a longer duration, which can be worn from early autumn to late autumn and even winter

2u3001 Large collection of knitted items

We have already understood the basic styles of knitwear. Next, lets take a look at the specific division of knitwear. In fact, generally speaking, the basic and versatile knitwear is mainly divided into a jacket and a jacket

1. Knitwear is very versatile, willing to be a supporting role

Whether you want to create a sweet style, a daily commuter style, or cool and handsome style, a suitable knitted top can fully meet your imagination.

If you have a good figure and want to fully show your figure, you can choose the knitted top and tight jeans for collocation, but if you want to get the effect of covering the flesh and showing the thin, you can choose the knitted top and wide leg pants or floor trousers to match, so as to fully create the visual effect of showing height and thin and showing leg length

Knitted jacket is more suitable for early autumn wear. It doesnt choose age, occupation or body shape. As long as you want to wear it, you can find a knitting coat that is more suitable for you

In terms of style, if the knitwear you choose is partial to intellectual style, then try not to be too fancy in matching other clothes, otherwise it will give people a more abrupt feeling.

Many sisters think that wearing knitwear is more rustic, but in fact, as long as we choose the right color and style, there is generally no problem, and there is a small point to pay attention to. When wearing a sweater, if it is not particularly loose, it is not recommended to button all the buttons of the sweater, otherwise it will give people a very old-fashioned feeling

3u3001 Knitwear material encyclopedia

However, it also has some shortcomings, such as poor stability. Secondly, it is easier to hook and pilling than other fabrics, so we should pay attention to the corresponding maintenance when cleaning and wearing

Many people may feel strange when they hear about the suede material, but in fact, the suede material is also something we can touch in our daily life. Generally speaking, the suede material is very comfortable to wear, and has good air permeability, which gives people a sense of elegance and generosity

At the same time, when buying suede material clothes, we must see whether the yarn joints inside are smooth and whether the knitting patterns are consistent. If there is a thread end, it is very easy to pick up the silk, which may affect the service life of our whole clothing. As the suede material is easy to dirty and not easy to maintain, it is not recommended to wear it when the weather is bad

4u3001 Dont worry about knitwear collocation, these methods are worth having

1. Dress with knitwear, contract your beauty

Dress is very suitable for summer and autumn, it has both fashion and other elements we want, and dress compared with other clothing, it also saves us the trouble of collocation, but in early autumn wearing a dress may be slightly thin, at this time if you add a sweater, it will give a very harmonious feeling

But also pay attention to the color harmony when matching the dress with the sweater. If you choose a more fancy dress, you can choose a solid color sweater, but if you choose a solid color sweater, you can choose a dress similar to its color or completely contrast to wear

2. Suspender skirt with knitwear is more fashionable and foreign-style

Dress fashion may be better, but for the current season, it may be more thin, at this time with a suitable sweater is very able to highlight the advantages of the suspender skirt, whether you choose a short sweater or a long sweater, can create a different effect, if you want to show more youthful vitality, you can choose a short T-shirt, more If you want to show tenderness, you can choose a long sweater.

3. Skirt with knitwear is more lively and necessary for fairies

The skirt may give people a feeling of being younger and more lively and light, so when matching with knitwear, we can choose a slightly shorter T-shirt, such as a short T-shirt with bubble sleeves, which will make the whole person look more lively and light. Knitwear atmosphere and elegant, temperature and style you can have at the same time, dont hesitate

4. Jeans and knitwear are more suitable for daily beauty

Jeans may be more suitable for our daily wear. On the one hand, because jeans are different from skirts, they may be more light and more suitable for work. On the other hand, it mainly depends on the combination of knitwear and jeans, which can reflect their respective advantages. However, there are several aspects that need to be paid attention to when knitwear matches jeans. One is to choose a similar style, the other is to pay attention to the harmony of color

5. Wide leg pants with knitwear, gentle and elegant, full of low-key medium and high-level feeling

Its so beautiful. Fashion people are so beautiful to wear knitwear. Please check the essence of clothing in early autumn. Knitwear is a kind of coat style that is very suitable for the current season. No matter what style you want to create, it can meet your needs. Therefore, you should take action to buy a sweater as soon as possible