Liu Wen Jennies 8-day holiday wear template here to pick up!

 Liu Wen Jennies 8-day holiday wear template here to pick up!


Look1: Home

On the first day of the holiday, mothers birthday and the Mid Autumn Festival are exactly the same day. Most people should choose to get together with their families, watch TV programs and chat.

Soft glutinous and comfortable knitwear is not only comfortable, but also convenient to help mom. You dont have to think about how to match it. You can take out jeans, casual pants or skirt from the wardrobe. Its simple and very comfortable for home.


Do you feel the holiday atmosphere with the lazy wearing of IU at home? The beige round neck Knitted Top with loose white casual pants is full of texture in the same color.


Lisa chose to wear a brown pit striped cardigan with a vest inside. A pair of jeans were casual and handsome, and the warm autumn sun shone on her face,


Look2: Travel

Modeling Key words: skirt

When wearing a template, my cousin uses a silhouette black suit and a retro printed dress. The thin and high Martin boots are a must for autumn Styling (key points!)

Zhong Chuxi

What else can bring a languid sense of vacation than a floral dress? Zhong Chuxis blue and white floral dress, with small bubble sleeves and square collar, is full of French style, and she thinks the dress is too boring? Then open a fork at the hem and optimize the proportion. White hair band and beaded hand collar bag accessories are also full of retro feeling.


Modeling Key words: windbreaker

As autumn deepens, the temperature difference between day and night has begun to increase, so dont forget to take a coat when traveling. The most versatile one is a windbreaker. On the other hand, this length can also withstand the temperature drop at night.

Then, the windbreaker, as a piece with a full sense of shape, can change from two meters to eight meters in a second. Its very suitable for taking photos. Dont worry about the lack of material in the circle of friends

Song Jia

Song Jia, who can wear super clothes, chose a super long windbreaker with the length up to ankle. With black and a little drooping fabric, the waistband shows the waistline to create a superior proportion. Then, it matches a pair of versatile small white shoes, which are both sassy and a, and one piece is a big one.


In addition to the common beige and black windbreaker, macarone color can bring different styles. Elsas Pink windbreaker and sweet potato purple underarm bag make the fresh ice cream color a bright color in autumn. The pure black inside makes the expansion of the color system tight, the good figure still cant stop.


Look4: Travel

Key words: leather clothes

Warm and concave shape of the coat, in addition to windbreaker and leather coat. In addition to the first-class wind proof effect, leather clothing styles also have many choices, long or short, jacket or suit, you can choose what style you want to create.

Yang Caiyu

The retro queen Yang Caiyu uses a classic black silhouette leather jacket with a white sweater, high waisted jeans and striped silk scarf around the neck to double the retro taste, making the temperature and fashion extremely tight


Louk5: meet your friends

Key words: Sweater

To meet a good friend, of course, is to relax as the premise. Its just a good way to relax. Its leisure is not slovenness, but the relaxation and simplicity after taking care of yourself. Its our physical and mental relaxation after taking off tight suits and high-heeled shoes.

There is also a delicate side to the sweater. Wearing properly is the height of fashion, but also can let the body have free extension space, effortless fashion is the most comfortable.


As sexy and lazy as Jennie, she wears an oversize white crew neck sweater. Her long wavy hair adds to her lazy temperament, and her lower body disappears dress is more comfortable and relaxed.

Song Yanfei


Key words: suit

You cant avoid getting together with classmates or friends you havent seen for a long time. A suit with modeling feeling is definitely the best choice. It is decent and generous, and can meet various occasions.

Of course, there are a lot of styles for a suit to play with. With jeans, its cool and cool. With wide leg pants, its two meters eight. With skirt, you can also take care of tenderness and domineering.

Zhao Lusi

On vacation, Ruth chose an ovesize silhouette suit with a linen skirt of the same color. Her hair was pulled up at will. She was elegant and fashionable. She used a bag of taro purple to point out different colors. Did she accidentally click a piece of it to make you excited


For a date in the outdoor garden, Mai chooses a caramel suit with a white T-shirt, washed denim flares and a printed scarf for a retro modern look.


Look7: Fitness

Modeling Key words: sports style

Zhong Chuxi


Key words: jeans

Xu Mengjie

This point,

Should have entered the holiday atmosphere ahead of time,

I wish you a happy double festival!

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