81 year old Li Shuangjiang suspected that he would walk bald and need help

 81 year old Li Shuangjiang suspected that he would walk bald and need help

It is reported that when Li Shuangjiang participated in the activities, he was picked up by luxury cars, but he was helped all the way when he got out of the car. It seems that although he is still strong, he is still old and his legs are not convenient.

Earlier, Li Shuangjiang was also photographed performing in Chagan Lake. He had black hair and a strong physique waiting under the stage. From Li Shuangjiangs manner, we can see that the 81 year old is in good spirits and in good health.

After taking the stage, Li Shuangjiang presented a high and resonant song. Although the stage layout was somewhat crude and it was still open-air performance, Li Shuangjiang could still hear his solid professional skills.

In addition to the performance, Li also took a video with a little sister in local costumes. But perhaps because of her excessive beauty, Li Shuangjiang once became a snake face with a sharp chin that people could not recognize.

After watching Li Shuangjiangs recent situation, some netizens envied him for his current state. However, some netizens commented that it was not easy for Li Shuangjiang to participate in commercial performances at his age. Li Shuangjiang has recently participated in many commercial activities. He went to Qingdao to perform with famous childrens program hosts Liu Chunyan and Dong Hao to celebrate the beer festival.