My God! This year, super model bloggers wear animal prints and go out to blow up the streets

 My God! This year, super model bloggers wear animal prints and go out to blow up the streets

Tomford fall / winter 2020

Saint Laurent fall / winter 2020

There are many kinds of animal patterns, such as cow pattern, crocodile pattern, giraffe pattern, etc., but the most popular patterns are leopard pattern, snake pattern, zebra pattern, tiger pattern, etc.

Wild Leopard Print

As the most common and representative animal pattern, leopard print is the representative word of wildness. It was once the favorite of the elder brother and elder sister in Northeast China, but now it is favored by the younger generation icon. Leopard print is a collection of elegant, sexy, mysterious, confident elements.

Small wild horse on Leopard Print poisoning is quite deep, absolutely can be called a senior player, can wear leopard print out of a variety of styles.

Large area leopard print is really hard to wear. If you want to challenge large area, leopard dress is a good choice. The feminine flavor of dress can weaken the wild of leopard print. Fashionable style, high-quality cutting and material can remove the vulgar leopard print. Secondly, the shoe bag should be as simple as possible, otherwise it will be too hard.

Leopard print suspender skirt is also a fashionable and smart pick style. It can weaken its vulgarity by using the way of overlapping wear, which makes it more fashionable.

Leopard print skirt is also very recommended. A simple black or white top with leopard print skirt can reduce the visual conflict brought by leopard print texture. In addition, a pair of sports shoes or short boots, combined with women and men, reveals sexy vitality in leisure, and is completely free from vulgarity.

As for leopard trousers, it is a fashion week show out of the mirror rate is quite high piece, with a fashionable moment than several sections.

Dont think leopard tops are hard to wear. They match 90 percent of your pants in your closet, and they work well with street style items.

In addition to the most common Brown Leopard Print, there are many more eye-catching pieces of color leopard print, the addition of color makes leopard print look less old-fashioned.

Jennies Pink Leopard Print, originally the suspender skirt is relatively sexy, but the pink leopard print adds a bit of girlish loveliness to it.

In addition to leopard print, in the past two years, fashion elite have also picked up a black and white zebra pattern, which is like an advanced version of black and white stripes, simple and generous, relatively speaking, better to control. Its not wild, its not cold, its very malleable. Its basically what style you want it to look like.

Masaya Ono has always loved to wear a variety of decorative pieces. Naturally, zebra pattern cannot be ignored.

Kendou is the best supporter of zebra patterns and wears them all the year round.

A simple cut zebra pattern onepiece, irregular lines more interesting, with a dress cut, but also with a touch of sexy taste.

Gong Tingfengs short shirt is also very popular this year. With jeans, it is young and energetic, and there is no need to worry about the mature animal patterns.

Wait until autumn, can try to match leather skirt, very strong woman momentum.

Wearing zebra pattern on the bottom, trousers are relatively difficult to wear, horizontal stripes show leg thick, but half skirt is easy to wear a lot, the requirements of leg shape are not so high, and wear the pattern on the lower part of the body, more low-key.

Large area zebra pattern is very test of peoples aura, its better to start with accessories. Zebra pattern is also a good choice as a bag design. Black and white color is suitable for intelligent and pure girl.

In addition to bags, zebra print shoes are also very practical, easy to wear and match, the highlight is placed at the foot, it seems not deliberately very fashionable..

Cold snake

The close color matching is also suitable for the combination with the serpentine pattern, which makes the overall look very handsome and beautiful.

When you choose a serpentine bottom, you can combine it with a simple basic solid color piece, which can astringe the ostentation of serpentine.

This is the most safe way to choose a pair of snakeprint short boots with fashionable personality, which is only used as the eye-catching ornament in the whole body.

Or carry a serpentine bag is also OK, give the original simple style to wear a finishing touch.

Wearing a tiger print coat, she will become a female boss with hundreds of millions of wealth in seconds. She will wear a Black Slim skirt and black leather boots, which will make her elegant and elegant.

Casual Tiger Print jacket, on, it looks quite difficult to provoke!

Tiger pattern dress, cool out of the sky, create a unique charming style~

Tiger print skirt is relatively better to control, easy to wear a sense of domineering, but also interesting.

The cold hued tiger pattern doesnt look so flamboyant and warm. A little more feminine and cold. The cold hued tiger windbreaker, combined with black leggings and leather boots, can be worn with style.

Tiger Print boots are also crazy picked by the fashionable elite, wearing the same color, and wearing a pair of Tiger Print boots on the foot, immediately become an eye-catching pen, cool and fashionable.

After reading this article, is there a change in the animal pattern, it is better to take advantage of this autumn and winter to prepare a domineering animal pattern piece for yourself!